Unfortunately you are probably already aware that we are having some technical issues this morning.

In order to get the system back to you as quickly as possible, we are going to put it back up again without access to Provider Administrator functionality when we work on the areas that are giving us problems.

This is obviously just a temporary intervention and we will be back to normal service as soon as we can.

:: Justin ::


UPDATE: 12:10pm Eastern: The system is back up again, just remember that for the time being you are going to get an error when you click on Admin links

UPDATE: 12:40pm Eastern: It looks like we are going to keep those admin links unavailable for the rest of today while we continue to work on this issue.  Please not that you can access the update password function.

UPDATE: 1:00pm Eastern: Doesn’t look like that worked as well as we had hoped. We believe we have identified the issue though and should be back with you shortly.  I am very sorry for the frustration that I know this is causing.

UPDATE: 1:30pm Eastern: Still working on it, current estimate is at least another 30 minutes.

UPDATE: 1:50pm Eastern: Back up again, we have also been able to re-enable Provider Administration.  We’re still working in the background.

UPDATE: 2:45pm Eastern: I wish I could give you some more definitive answers, but other than to say we are doing everything we can I’m afraid I can’t right now.

UPDATE: 4:45pm Eastern: I wanted to wait a bit to be more certain, but it looks like we found the culprit and fixed it.  We are still watching very closely.  Thanks for hanging in there with us, I know this is no fun.