T-Logs really seem to be the application that can really change the way a provider does business.

When notes move from closed books to shared T-Logs, all of a sudden communication, quality assurance, and information sharing takes off.

As a result of this, we’ve been asked for a number of enhancements to T-logs, and many of them will be in Release 6.0!

These include:

  1. Next and Previous buttons so you don’t have to always return to the list when viewing multiple T-Logs.
  2. When you want to respond to a T-Log, you can now click on Follow Up and created a “linked” T-log. This chain of T-logs are displayed so previous and follow up notes can easily be found
  3. Attach Documents: As well as attaching photos to T-Logs, you can now attach documents such as Word or Excel files.

— Justin