One of the interesting things that I have been asked from time to time is:

“I like to be able to read T-Logs, but I don’t need to see the numbers, when they are there I feel like I have to read them all. Is it possible to get access to T-Logs without the counts?”

This is a question most often asked by senior executives who may have hundreds (if not thousands of T-Logs) showing up on their FirstPage.

Up until now, my answer has always been: “Sorry, can’t do that!”. However, the folks at Futures Unlimited worked it out!

The trick is to give the user the T-Log Update and Submit roles but not the T-log View. This way the user will be able to search for, read, update, and follow-up on T-Logs but won’t see the counts of unread T-Logs on their FirstPage.

:: Justin