Today I got my first go at playing around with a beta version of T-Tasks!

This is a very exciting first step forwards to a fully integrated task management module for Therap that we have great hopes for.

This beta version is also pretty cool in that it is being released within the current production application (if you are lucky enough to have a DEMO account you can go and play with it).  For those of you keeping score at home we are now up to 7.0.19!

When we are a little more comfortable with it we’ll be offering folks the opportunity to add it as a feature to your FirstPage.  Let Allison or me know if you would like to get on that waiting list.

For now things are pretty simple and straight forward, but  those of you who have been around a while know that that is the way we like to do it, I expect some amazing things from T-tasks in the future!

:: Justin ::