Therap 8.1 :: Custom Form Global Library

In Release 8.1 we will be combining the custom forms we’ve been experimenting with and the ISP Template Global Library. 

Yesterday i got a quick glimpse and it works something like this.

When you need a new custom form (think of things like the IPOP that need on of per individual) you request it, and we here (Therap Admin) will create the form.  We now have a lot of flexibility in doing that including bringing in pieces of your existing data:

Start with a blank page
Screenshot of 'Therap Custom Form Designer' page

Then start adding things:
Screenshot of Insert Appropriate Date field of Therap Custom [...]

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Therap 8.1 Previews

Over the next week or two I am going to be posting a bunch of previews of our next major release, Therap 8.1

As usual with these things we don’t have a definite release date, but it must be getting reasonably close as these will be actual screenshots rather than just mock-ups.

You can look forward to: Custom Forms (I show you these later today), enhanced MARs, new cross-provider features, some great billing enhancements, simplification and enhancement of TMS and more.

So keep your browser pointed here and let me know what you think

:: Justin ::

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