DSP Recognition Week :: September 13-19, 2015

DSP Week

Gov Malloy DSP Proclamation

Along with governors around the country (many encouraged by members of ANCOR), Governor Malloy here in Connecticut has declared September 13-19, 2014 Direct Support Professional week.

Given how many DSPs use Therap on a daily basis, we’re big fans, what are you doing to celebrate the DSPs in your community?

:: Justin ::

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Tuesday in Colorado

I am in Colorado for three conferences rolled into one.

Today and tomorrow is the Six State Summit, my favorite conference of the year. State and provider folks from CMS Region 8 (North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming) get together to share ideas. These are great states for us so there are lots of old friends to talk to.

On Thursday it will be the Coleman Institute National Conference on Cognitive Disability and Technology in Challenging Economic Environments.

And then finally on Friday it is the:3rd Annual ANCOR Technology Leadership Summit: Technology Solutions for Tough Times

Makes for a busy week!

:: Justin ::

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A Request from the ANCOR Foundation


TO:                  All ANCOR Members and Friends

FROM:             ANCOR Foundation CARES Fund

DATE:               May 26, 2011

SUBJECT:        Urgent Request CARES Fund


As you know there have been numerous natural disasters this spring:   fires on the west coast and southwest; tornadoes in Alabama, the Midwest, and last week in Joplin, MO; and flooding along the Mississippi.   ANCOR recognizes the need for cash and services following a disaster and provides organizations the ability to meet some of those needs. 

We were approached for financial support from an organization affected from the Joplin and Oklahoma City tornadoes (houmes destroyed, death […]

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More Exciting Sessions for Therap's National Provider Administrator Conference

I am very excited to announce that the keynote address on Day Two of our conference will be given by Oracle.  We have come across many situations where agencies have tried, with the best intentions, to develop their own system running local databases.  Therap’s top of the line hardware and infrastructure is one of the many things that separates us from any competition that might be out there.  You will now have an opportunity to hear from Oracle about why their software and hardware help to keep your data safe and accessible.  Enjoy…

There are also a number of other outside speakers to make sure you catch up with.  Remember that these folks will be happy to talk to you […]

Wednesday in Louisville with Deyta

Richard and I spent most of Wednesday in Louisville, Kentucky talking with the folks from Deyta about ANCOR’s Performance Excellence Toolkit as well as the other satisfaction survey and benchmarking products that they have.

With Performance Excellent, agencies can become part of a national system to measure quality and progress.  Obviously when looking at topics such as Preventive Healthcare (which will be coming out in 2010), harnessing the data held within Therap could made participation a lot easier and more accurate.

We are in the process of starting a trial of just that (if you’d like to join in, please let me know). 

We are also […]

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ANCOR's Performance Excellence Benchmarking Project

Those of you who were at the recent Side-by-Side Conference in Indianapolis probably met with the folks from Deyta who were presenting on ANCOR’s Performance Excellence Benchmarking Project.

On December 16th from 2pm to 3pm we will be participating in an ANCOR webinar along with Solana, Social Solutions, and Precision Care to show how your data can be used in this project.

To join the Webinar you can use the following information:

Dial in number: 218-844-4928

Access Code: 548-132-072

To learn more about Performance Excellence, click here or you can come to the following webinar:
Registration link for December 8th webinar with Dr. Matt Holder is: www1.gotomeeting.com/register/551002321

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Incident Management and Organizational Transparency

Don’t forget that the next ANCOR webinar is tomorrow (11/4) at 1pm Eastern.

Is your agency as transparent as you claim it is or as you would like it to be? How do you cope with the competing interests of transparency and HIPAA? Can you get a complete circle of support including the individual and family involved in your incident reporting process while still meeting all your state regulations? Justin Brockie, COO of Therap Services will demonstrate how this can all be achieved while at the same time saving money

You can sign up here

:: Justin ::

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Direct Support Professional Technology Survey

ANCOR’s National Advocacy Campaign is conducting a nationwide survey about the proficiency and use of certain technologies by Direct Support Professionals, at work or at home.

The survey is intended for DSPs only to respond to it.

You may click here to access the survey.

Also, the survey has been extended until Sept. 11 from the original close date of Sept. 2.

Please pass this along to your DSPs for their input.

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More ANCOR Webinars

As part of the ANCOR Professional Development programs for June and July,
Therap is offering a three-part series of webinars. They are listed
below, click on them to register. (Must register separately for each)

  • Part 1 – Why DSPs must be at the center of any electronic documentation system: 07/22/2009 at 1:00 PM EDT
  • Part 2 – Electronic Communication with Families: 10/07/2009 at 1:00 PM EDT
  • Part 3 – Incident Management and Organizational Transparency: 11/04/2009 at 1:00 PM EDT
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