Coming soon in Therap 2016.0 :: Therap for Android updates

Along with our new web application, we will also be releasing a new mobile application (or two).

Let’s start with Therap for Android:

We’ve tidied up the login page a bit:

Therap Android Login

And look! There’s something new on the Dashboard, let’s take a look at T-Logs for Android:

Therap Android Dashboard

Tapping on the T-Log link will bring you to a list of unread T-Logs.  You can look at them all or filter by Notification Level.

Therap Android Select Individual

Choose the one you want to read and there it is:

Therap Android T-Log

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Have you gone mobile yet?

Click here to go to Google Play from where you can download this app

This weekend we released our new Android App for MAR, ISP Data, and Password Reset.

In order to use the MAR section, you just need to have your Provider Admin get in touch with use (as long as you have purchased the MAR from us already there is no extra charge).

If you would like to use the (extremely cool) Mobile ISP Data app you will need to subscribe, but we have some great introductory pricing so get in touch quickly.

If you want to see how it all works you can watch this […]

Therap 2013.2 :: Where are my Mobile Apps?

Screenshot of mobile apps dashboard

If (as you should be) you have been eagerly reading our 2013.2 Release Notes and even trying out the Beta Release, you may have noticed that there aren’t too many mentions of our new mobile apps that I have been previewing.

That’s because we have decided to rework the way we are presenting them to you and making sure that they will be just as awesome as we can possibly make them.

The major change in our implementation is that we are rolling all three of the Android applications (Password Reset, Mobile ISP Data, and MAR) into one.  It was looking like a […]

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Attaching Photos from your Android Phone

I am always excited when I learn a new trick. There’s not much better than a new Therap/Android one, so here goes:

Did you know that you can upload photos directly to Therap from your phone without having them stored there?

Neither did I until I was hanging out with Nathan (Primecare’s Director of Nursing in Connecticut).

Here’s what you do (at least on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus)

  1. Turn on your phone!

Screen showing android phone's dashboard.

  1. Log into Therap

Screenshot of Therap login page on an android phone.

  1. Go to New T-Log (or other place you can attach)

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Taking Music to the Cloud

Given Allison and Tony’s recent fawning over the iPad 2 and all things Apple, I thought it was about time I did a little on the things that are interesting me just now.

amazon cloud player service music industry

Top of these at the moment is some of the stuff that Amazon is up to.  I am a huge fan of shopping there, one of my rules in life is that if it is not sold by Amazon it probably is not worth having.

Then they started doing their video streaming service which include just about all my favourite old BBC shows like Blackadder, Red Dwarf, and Dr Who.

Then… they brought […]

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Does Therap work on my phone and my browser?

The answer to this questioon is most likely “Probably, most of the time.” if you are using a current browser or an Android / iOS / WebOS phone.

The problems start to happen when you get someone like me who has tons of browsers on their computer (sometimes just to try them out and sometimes becuase I want to have multiple Therap accounts open at once while I am testing or setting somethign up).

Examples of browsers I might use include:

And those are only the ones I use on […]

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Keep up to date with the Therap Provider Administrator Conference

Graphic of Provider AdminsNational Provider Admin Conference
Feb 8- 10, Ramada, Fishkill, New York
Come and enjoy three days of exciting sessions with the Therap staff, trainers, and also people from across the country who has been using Therap. Its a great opportunity for prospective and existing users to learn about the system, and also the developmental disability industry at large.
Animated Graphic for National conference
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