Tuesday in DC with an iPad

Today I was in Washington with Ken for some meetings. While just sitting around with my iPad I get the sense that it is very cute and all, but I don’t quite see the practical implications.

Today, however, I did. Firstly, it’s very like Therap, it’s just cool. So a bunch of people said “poo is that an iPad” and wanted to play with it. It never hurts to catch people’s attention.

The second use was les obvious. We were in a meeting where there really wasn’t room to set up a projector. I was able to put the iPad down on the table and everyone could watch my demo.

Finally, I am writing this on the […]

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The Apple iMAR

Along with all the other cool things that happened this weekend, Apple released it’s first Therap device.  They call it the tPad, but I like to think of it as the iMAR.

100405 iPad (3)100405 iPad (4)100405 iPad (1)

More feedback when I have done some more playing.

:: Justin ::

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Apple brings out a mobile Therap device

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The big announcement today was Apple’s iPad.

What’s the iPad you ask?

Basically it’s a great big iPod Touch.  In other words it could be a really handy thing to stick on a med-room wall to complete you MARs or carry with you to do your Therap documentation really easily.  It costs about $500, which is interesting because I have seen touchscreen devices for Nursing Homes which retail for about $1500 each!

:: Justin ::

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It's all good

There is a lot of excitement our there in the world of mobile devices this week.

The Palm Pre just arrived on Verizon (shame, because if they had managed to get it there before the Droid, I would have been all over it, I am a huge fan and am still trying to figure out how to justify having two phones!)

Now, everyone is holding their breath to see what will happen on Wednesday with Apples big announcement, the possibility of a matching one from Verizon and more.  Rumours include the long awaited Applet Tablet (iTablet, iSlate, or whatever they are going to call it), Apple and Verizon working together, and much more.

My favourite […]

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