A week in Dhaka

Richard, Jim, Stephen and I have spent the last week or so embroiled in bunches of meeting over here on all sorts of topics, but sharing the goal of driving our system forward to bigger and better things.

I think we are coming up with some crucial and significant steps that will help the system connect within itself and with others and well as to continue to grow as we have been and more.

Yesterday, we took a bit of time to explore the city, and in particular getting down to the old town of Dhaka.


Historical place of old town of Dhaka

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System Status :: Looking much better this week

Today is my final day in Bangladesh, Iona and I fly out tonight.  You can see what Iona thought of her time here.  You’ll also start to hear some of the results of it in some new automated training that we are working on.

It has been quite a trip for many reasons.

While there are a few little issues left in 9.1 (notably the scanning module isn’t working yet due to what looks like some external compatability problems – we’re working on it, but it may take a few days) it is basically ticking along smoothly.

There are some functionality/design issue that we are looking at to do with SComm, T-Logs, and oversight caseloads.

One thing to be aware of is that […]

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An Awesome Weekend in the Countryside

Iona and I were able to escape Dhaka to spend the weekend in Sylhet in Northern Bangladesh.  It’s hard to describe how beautiful it was up there.

Here are just a few highlights:


We met some very cute lizards! Known as Tik-Tikki they are very quick and very noisy!

Sylhet highway

We got to experience highway driving which often means driving down a two lane road with two (or sometimes even three) vehicles coming straight towards you.

Iona and Justin in highway where Lona is sitting on [...]

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Bring Your Child to Work Day 2002-2011

A long time ago (2002 to be precise) in a galaxy far, far away (known to many as Torrington, Connecticut) I was working for Community Systems, Inc and we had Bring Your Child to Work Day with all sorts of exciting activities.  Calum was too young, so I just brought Iona:

young Iona in Justin's office

Fast-forward to today, and here I am in our office in Dhaka, and here is Iona with a screen full of Java!

Iona in dhaka office

:: Justin ::

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Greetings from Dhaka, Bangladesh



I just arrived in Dhaka (three flights and a long time coming all the way from Buffalo).  It was very cool to be met at the airport by Iona and Rajiv.  Iona is all settled in and even met me in her Bangla outfit.

Now off to the office to get stuck into 9.1 and a bunch of RFPs

:: Justin ::

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An Exciting Summer Ahead

This really is shaping up to be rather an exciting summer in the Brockie subdivision of Therapville (or the Brockie galaxy of the Therapverse – it all depends on your viewpoint!)

Picture of Iona


Iona is already in Bangladesh, working at our office there (the photo above is her and Sazzad just before they left New York).  Hopefully you’ll see some photos and blog posts from her soom (once her body works out what time zone she is on).

I will be heading out to join Iona in a couple of weeks for some extreme brainstorming with a lot of focus on what we can do building on top of our new unified foundation.

Calum on the other hand is headed […]

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