New York OPWDD SEMP Billing available for testing in Beta

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Therap’s billing team is now ready to show you how you can document services and bill directly from Therap for Support Employment services in Therap.

We will be getting in touch this week to schedule webinars.

You can also try it out for yourself on our beta application which is available at Remember that Beta is just a snapshot of your data and should not be used for live data collection.

You can also find links to support documentation here:

:: Justin ::
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Billing Reports, Caseloads, and Agency Wide Reports


Any time you run a report, it is always worth knowing exactly what data you are running your report on.

In most places in Therap, when you run a report it is limited to data that is within your caseload.  In these days of Individual Based Caseloads, it is important to remember the basic fact about Therap access, namely “If an individual is on your caseload then you will see their data.”  This really is the case for all caseload based access.

Remember especially that Auto Program Caseloads (the ::APC:: ones) are still individual based, they are just a list of the individuals currently enrolled in that program.  This means that is you want to give yourself access to data about people who […]

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Setting up ISP Programs for Billing

One of the many great things about Therap is the ability to billing directly from service documentation.

This often leads to the question: How should I set up my ISP Programs so that I can bill from them?

To help with this, please see a quick guide that we have put together here.

Very notable, is the comment at the bottom: If you have any questions at all regarding setting up your ISP programs, please ask a billing specialist before continuing.

:: Justin ::

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Back to the Future for testing Integrated Billing in Nebraska

On July 1st we will be implement our incredibly cool Integrated Billing in Nebraska.  We have been all over the state in recent weeks getting folks trained.  The difficulty was letting people have a place where they could easily practice.

We now have that set up.  you just need to go to:

This works just like our Beta Context in that it is a copy of our database that is running the new software that will be released next weekend and has all the new integrated service authorizations that start on 7/1.

The difference is that we have set the system clock on this context forward so that it thinks it is already the middle of July so you can start […]

Release Notes :: Therap 2013.2.11


Therap 2013.2.11 Released!

We are happy to announce that we have released version 2013.2.11 of Therap applications. To learn more about the new features and enhancements included in this release, please view Release 2013.2.11 User Guides
We look forward to your comments and suggestions regarding the features introduced in Therap 2013.2.11. Please feel free to write to us .

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Therap Multi-State Billing Conference in Southbury, Connecticut

We are well into our first National Multi-State Provider Conference and it’s proving to be very successful indeed.  So successful in-fact that we are already looking forward to future conferences.

At this conference our core focus has been on billing, looking at what we do just now and also what new states and functionality we can add to be able to do more electronic claims submission.

As well as this though we have been looking at other processes and situations that are common to multi-state providers.  

Based on this, I’m thinking that our next Multi-State Provider Conference wil probably be back here in Connecticut in Early December and focussed on Quality Assurance.

There will be much more information to come on this, let […]

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Therap Multi-State Billing Conference

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I am very excited to announce Therap’s first Multi-State Billing Conference, to take place in Southbury, Connecticut on July 18th and 19th, 2012.

Unfortunately we had to move just down the road from Waterbury due to hotel booking issues.

Currently we provide electronic billing in a number of states and we are planning to expand this range over the coming months and years.  We are also working with more and more agencies that provide services (and hence bill) in multiple states.

This conference will give an opportunity for Therap and our customers to work together on the special challenges that face multi-state organizations as well strategic directions that make the most sense for Therap’s electronic billing […]

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