Let the auditions begin

We’re now moving into the next phase of Calum’s journey to college.

Having applied to to 8 colleges, he now has auditions at five of them over the next month.  It’s all new to me having only done this with an engineer who fell in love with the first school she visited.

Today we were at Western Connecticut State University.  I was very impressed, by the atmosphere, the faculty, and the fact that a professor recognised by Hearts shirt!

They are also in the process of building a very impressive new facility:

Tomorrow we’re off to do the same at The Hartt School of Music.

Does one tell a trumpeter to “break a finger”?

:: Justin ::

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Calum's College Tour

Iona's House

This is quite a week travel for me. On Sunday Iona, Calum, and I headed up to Ithaca to move Iona into her new college home – a house full of saxophone players.

From there Calum and I headed out to Denver to join Anna for some meetings.

Now, we’re in Ohio to take a look at a couple of colleges for Calum.

I won’t be around quite as much for the next couple of days as we look at  colleges here and in Pittsburgh, so in the meantime, here’s some footage from Calum’s recent adventure with the European Youth Music Week in Germany (for those of […]

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An Exciting Summer Ahead

This really is shaping up to be rather an exciting summer in the Brockie subdivision of Therapville (or the Brockie galaxy of the Therapverse – it all depends on your viewpoint!)

Picture of Iona


Iona is already in Bangladesh, working at our office there (the photo above is her and Sazzad just before they left New York).  Hopefully you’ll see some photos and blog posts from her soom (once her body works out what time zone she is on).

I will be heading out to join Iona in a couple of weeks for some extreme brainstorming with a lot of focus on what we can do building on top of our new unified foundation.

Calum on the other hand is headed […]

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A fun end to the swimming season

Yesterday we shipped up to Boston for the YMCA New England Regional Swimming Championships at Harvard’s Blodget pool.

We dropped Calum off at around 5 and his least race wasn’t until after 10pm, I have no idea how they found the energy to still swim, but they did.

Highlight of the evening was that last race the 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay where Calum and 3 friends broke their team record and will get to have their names on the record board back in Southington.

Must be time to start warming up for the summer season…

:: Justin ::

YMCA New England Regional Swimming ChampionshipsYMCA New England Regional Swimming Championships

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Swim Calum Swim!

Original Picture is Unavailable

Today was the Connecticut Class S High School Swimming Championships at Weslyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.

We headed down there with the whole of the Wolcott team sitting in the front seat of the car (that would be Calum! – he and another boy are from the high school swim with Crosby High School in Waterbury during the season, but get to compete as Wolcott in the championships.

Calum did really well, he was in the penultimate heat in both the 50 and 100 freestyle and won both of them in new personal best times.  We are really grateful to all the folks who had to put things together to enable to do […]

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A brief musical interlude…

Not much in the way of blog activity (or any other activity for that matter) as I’ve been a bit under the weather with a nasty cold.

I’ve been brought back to life this weekend as the videographer at our school variety shows (we have three of them: bands, acts, and alumni).

Here’s Calum playing with some friends on Friday night, I thought they were rather good!



:: Justin ::

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Must be time to show off again…

The latest in a long series of proud dad posts…

There was originally a video link here which is unavailable

*There was originally a video link here which is unavailable.

I am a huge fan of Christmas music, and the Wolcott High School Winter Concert is probably my favourite of the school concerts.

Given that Calum just had his wisdom teeth out, we weren’t even sure that he was going to be up for it, but as the video above shows, he most definitely was (as were the rest of the band and the chorus).

Adding this to his recent admission to the regional band and qualification for All-State auditions it’s been rather a good few weeks on the trumpet front.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

:: Justin ::


Because […]

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Happy Birthday Calum

Picture of Justin and Calum


I still have the birthday card my parents gave me for my sixteenth birthday (might also have been the year I scored The Great Game of Britain).  It’s in a box in the basement somewhere and if it was less of a disaster down there I would be very tempted to get it out.

It said something along the lines of “It’s your birthday, why not leave your clothes on the floor, make a mess of your room, play your records loud enough to wake up the neighbours.” and on the inside… “after all, why should today be any different”.

It’s quite remarkable what a great 16th Birthday Card that would have made for […]

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Sunday :: Water, Water Everywhere

Today, Calum and I are up in Boston (well, Cambridge actually) for the YMCA New England Swimming Championships.

The weather is absolutely disgusting, I don’t think even Douglas Adams could have words for the amount of rain coming out of the sky. Thankfully, we are in doors in Harvard’s Blodgett Pool (which is huge and a great place to watch from).

New England Swimming ChampionshipsNew England Swimming ChampionshipsNew England Swimming Championships

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Late nights, long drives, loud music, and women in engineering!

There has been a lot going on in the wing of the Brockie clan in the last 24 hours.


Calum and I drove down to Allentown, PA last night to go and see a band called Social Distortion.  The gig itself was a lot of fun (though I stayed at the side with the more sedate older folks while Calum joined in the general melee!).

I’m not quite sure though how it was that Calum had the sense to wear ear plugs and I didn’t! (note to self for next time)

ENG_header_graphic_3Engineering logo

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