A few days in a few places

Picture of Carson City, Nevada

The above image is part of my ongoing series of State Capitol photos (in this case Carson City, Nevada).  It’s also an example of what Google does to you photos when you back up from your phone to Google+!  All of a sudden, it does wacky/cool things based on what you have done.

This trip to Carson City included an incredible drive up from Sacramento via Lake Tahoe.  The scebery was quite breath taking.

Picture of Lake Tahoe

All of this on the back of a trip to Austin, Texas and their Capitol!

Picture of Justin in Austin, Texas

Someday soon, I need to compile […]

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Friday in Wisconsin

Justin in Wisconsin

Each time I come to Madison, I seem to like it more.  This time I found a bike share scheme, an awesome bagel, and Piggly Wiggly!

There’s always something special about cities on the water, and Madison holds true to that.

On top of it all I got to do a couple of fun presentations with Michelle.

Now to head towards the Blackhawks parade!

:: Justin ::

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Monday in Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah

After an all to brief visit with Iona in La Canada, California, it was on to Salt Lake City.  The State Capitol here is really rather impressive, all the more so for being built on a hill.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time for a tour, that will have to wait until I come back.

Now off to Des Moines…

:: Justin ::

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Electronic Signatures in Illinois

Michelle in Illinois State Capitol

Michelle and I spent this morning in Springfield, Illinois (that Mr. Lincoln fellow really is rather tall!).  

We were reviewing Therap’s electronic signatures with the Bureau of Quality Management so that we can help our customers explain to their surveyors just how Therap meets Illinois regulations.  It is important to remember that it is the provider’s responsibility to be able to explain why Therap has a valid electronic signature under Illinois law

Keep an eye on Michelle’s blog for more information, we’ll be hosting a webinar in the near future to explain it all.

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Monday in Washington, DC

Justin in Washingon DCWashingon DC

The lengths that I will go to to get a picture of me an a Capitol  this one involved Ken and me taking our lives in our hands and getting some amused comments from passers by.  Do you get bonuses for the Big One?

As you may have guessed, I spent today in Washington DC, with Ken (it’s becoming a bit of a Monday thing!).

With more and more DC agencies using Therap, it’s becoming a better place all the time!

:: Justin […]

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