Do you need more space for storing documents?

Document Storage


With the release of Therap 2014.1 (make sure that you read the Release Notes!) we have added a new premium feature.  The document storage module which previously was only available as part of our CCHIT Certified EHR Package, now has the ability to store a total of up to 1Gb per individual and each file can be up to 10Mb.

Here are a few comments about this feature:

  • The 10Mb per individual limit still remains with  the Certified EHR Package
  • Introductory pricing is available, we have some exciting plans up our sleeves for the module and as usual, early adopters will get these at a very advantageous rate
  • The list […]
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Do you have a certified Electronic Health Record? – We do!

CCHIT LTPAC Certification Logo

I’m very excited an proud to announce that Therap is now officially a certified Electronic Health Record.

This has been a long process and involved a lot of hard work, but now you are in a position to offer to the people you support a system that meets these standards:

This product has been inspected against integrated functionality, interoperability and security criteria independently developed by CCHIT’s broadly representative, expert work groups. Using CCHIT’s testing methods, this product has been found in full compliance with the criteria in effect on the date of inspection.

You can find out much more about the certification process at

You can see […]

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Activity tracking updated to meet CCHIT Requirements

Update under the ‘Comments’ column on the Activity Tracking page

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Individual Data Form ID will now appear instead of Individual’s Name under the Comments column on the Activity Tracking page. This feature has been incorporated as a part of Therap’s move towards CCHIT certification. 


To identify an Individual from the IDF ID information, please copy the IDF ID from the Comments column on the Activity Trackingpage. 


Then paste the IDF ID on the Form ID field on the Individual Search page. Then click on ‘Search’. 

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Moving towards CCHIT

This is a presentation that Anna and I did for folks in Arkansas that focuses on CCHIT and the functionality that is involved as well as all the other steps we are going through to get you an approved Electronic Health Record.

You can read more about the standard here

Video on Care Coordination and CCHIT by Therap Services in Arkansas

:: Justin ::

Looking forward to Therap 2013.0

I think that this is my favourite part of the a whole release cycle, when I first get to play with new features and modules. 

We are currently planning to release Therap 2013.0 in the middle of December (hope to have an actual date fairly soon, but you know how it is with these things).

There are a bunch of cool things coming out in this release, the biggest of which are probably Multi Individual Events and the completion of our CCHIT modules, but there are are other things in billing, ISP, and suchlike that I wil try and introduce you to over the next couple of weeks.

This release will also see us taking the next step towards moving completely from FirstPage […]

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Therap 2012.2 :: Beta release available

Therap 2012.2 Is Coming Soon

Try the BETA version out now!

We are pleased to announce that we will soon update to Therap version 2012.2 with some exciting features and updates.

To read about the new Security Profiles, Individual Budgeting, Individual Support Plans, updates to GER, Billing and others, click here. We will also be making updates for CCHIT compliance.

Try out the BETA Release

To see the changes first-hand, log in using your existing Therap accounts at the following site:

The Beta Release is a late (but not final) version of the application that we are preparing for release at the end of this month.  We took a copy of the database at the end of June and are using this for you to be able to try out and […]

Friday afternoon webinars

What a busy Friday today was, lots of great planning meetings in the office and then an afternoon full of webinars, including these two:

Present and future CCHIT features for Certified Trainers

Video on CCHIT Review for Certified Trainers


The Oregon ISP for the Oregon User Group

Video on OTAC and Therap Review


Thanks to Allison for setting these up and recording them


:: Justin ::

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A reminder about case insensitive login names and Super Admin Accounts

Over the past few days we have been sending out SComm message to Provider Administrators about the impact of our upcoming change from case-sensitive to case in-sensitive login names (passwords and Provider Codes will remain case sensitive).  Please be sure to read these messages.

This is being done as part of our move towards CCHIT compliance.

It’s a good reminder that you no longer need to have separate Admin and User accounts.  My usual recommendation is to just keep your User account, make it a Super Admin and deactive the “-adm” one.  This way you are much less likely to miss important SComm messages.  The only exception is if you need this account to show up in TMS where currently Super Admin […]

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Changes to user name rules in Therap

In our summer release, we hope to complete the code changes needed to meet CCHIT compliance.

One of these changes is that users names be case insensitive.  Currently Therap user names are case sensitive (meaning Jbrockie and jbrockie) are two different logins.

We have talked to CCHIT to see if we could get a waiver for this requirement, but received the following response:

“Criteria SC 3.08 cannot be waived or modified. Case insensitive usernames are required to support interoperability across disparate system (including across different platforms). CCHIT’s security criteria are based on industry standards and have been subject to numerous cycles of public comments, and final approval by the Certification Commission. Any request to change the approved criteria or test steps must wait […]

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Have you submitted any Care Plans yet

Having spent a couple of days in Albuquerque, I have been thinking about and talking about Care Plans quite a bit.

What makes the module really exciting for me is the idea of a high quality, moderated library of care plans.

This will only work though with your help, so dig out those care plans and start submitting them to our library.

Note: They will only show up there when we have approved them.

For instructions on submitting care plans, click here.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Don’t forget to come and discuss care plans in our Special Interest Group

:: Justin ::

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