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Trying out the new CCHIT features in Therap 2012.0

Screenshot showing 'History' and 'Notes' Sections


With the release of Therap 2012.0 we are getting closer to being able to apply for CCHIT certification.  2012.0 includes the first features that will be available exculsively as part of the CCHIT package: Care Plans and Individual History.

Screenshot showing 'Individual Care Plan', 'Reviews' and 'Team meeting Discussions' Sections

These modules are available to users we have under our state contracts in North Dakota, Nebraksa, and New Mexico and to other providers who have it included.

If you would like to take a look at these features in the beta release, just let us know and we’d be happy to turn them on at no cost […]

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Getting Ready for Therap 2012.0


Today Sazzad and I finished two days of very productive meetings getting ready for going live with a host of new features in North Dakota in the new year. Be sure to keep an eye on the North Dakota page for timelines and training.

As well as the State and County functionality that we will be bringing out, 2012.0 also includes our next step towards CCHIT certification.  Two of the features I am very excited about are Care Plans and Individual History.  These are premium modules which will be sold as part of our CCHIT/Electronic Health Record (EHR) package.

The Care Plan module will include a moderated Global […]

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Therap Health Care Plans: Looking for a few good nurses


Graphic showing CCHIT

One of the features in Therap 2012.0 that I am most excited about is the introduction of Care Plans.  This is part of our ongoing progress towards CCHIT Certification.

As we started the design of this module I took a good look around for a library of Health care Plans or Nursing Care Plans that we could use that were appropriate for our customers.  I failed!  All of the ones I looked at were way too hospital based.

So, in typical Therap (or Little Red Hen) fashion, we decided to do it ourselves.  Our Care Plan module will come with a global library much like the Global ISP Template Library. There will however be a difference.  This […]

Allergy Profiles in Therap 9.1

Screenshot of Allergy Profile of Mary Active

As well as all the amazing unification functionality in Therap 9.1, we will also be taking our next step towards CCHIT Compliance.

Currently, allergies are listed in a text box.  In Therap 9.1 (if you have subscribed to our First DataBank live drug database) you get all sorts of new features.

Firstly, allergies are now listed individually and can be picked from the First DataBank list.

Now, when you add a new medication, it will tell you if there is a reaction between that medication and an allergy or that medication and another medication already being taken!

Screenshot of Medication History showing Drug-Allergy [...]

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Therap 9.1 Update (Individual Unification Release)

Screenshot of Allergy Profile

Today we have posted the draft Release Notes for Therap 9.1.

There is a lot of information in there, please be sure to read through them.

I will also be scheduling some webinars in order to give you a guided tour later this week.

Our current release schedule is as follows:

On July 10th we will release a beta version of Therap 9.1.  This will be a copy of the current database that will allow you to test out the new functionality on data that you recognise.  It is important to recognise though that any changes made in this beta context are not transferred to the live database.

On July 17th we […]

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Another Look at Therap 9.0

This morning I had the pleasure of being walked through a few of the features that you can expect to see in Therap 9.0

Currently we are targeting April 10th as a release date (as you know, this may well change)

Here’s a quick glimpse

Time Tracking is looking really good.  I am particularly excited abotu the reporting screen: (you can click on the picture to see a full size version)

Screenshot of Time Tracking

If you weren’t at Fishkill and didn’t get a chance to play with this, it’s a generic, timebased data tracker for things like sleep or mood or positioning.

Next up is vital signs.  As part of our move towards CCHIT compliance, we are providing notifications if […]

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Therap 8.15 on its way…

We are in the final stages of testing Therap 8.15.  If you have been paying close attention, you will know that our original plan was to have the release tomorrow, however, as often happens in application development, their have been some unexpected hitches in final testing and we are going to put back the release (we hope to have it out this weekend)

There are a whole bunch of things included (this is probably the last major release before Therap 9.0) which I will cover as the week goes on.

As part of our ongoing move towards CCHIT Compliance, we are redesigning the way we track diagnoses.  This will now be much more comprehensive allowing for Axes, start dates, end dates, […]

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Another Step Towards CCHIT

Screenshot of IDF

With our release this morning (8.14.22 for those of you keeping score at home) we have taking another step towards CCHIT compliance.

This particular state involves adding a new status field to the IDF.

Logo of CCHIT

We will be discussing CCHIT much more at Fishkill, don’t miss it.

Also look out for Therap 8.15 on Wendesday, it’s going to be a biggie.

:: Justin ::

With our

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