Using Therap’s Scanner interface with Chrome

Google released Chrome version 42 sometime last week. In this version they have disabled  a feature called NPAPI by default. And in version 45 which is due to be released in September they will drop NPAPI support entirely.
This means JAVA applets will not run from Chrome v42 and onward. Which means that our scanner interfaces will not work.  We will be upgrading more scanner locations in our upcoming release to the latest version which is not impacted and the rest will be done before September.
The solution for now is to manually enable NPAPI support in Chrome.
Steps (if you have Chrome v42.):
1. Go to chrome://flags/#enable-npapi
2. Click the Enable link under Enable NPAPI Mac, Windows.
3. For your change to take effect, click the Relaunch Now button […]
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Google Chrome is getting closer to being my main browser

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Yesterday, Google added bookmark syncing and extensions to its Chrome browser.

I love how quick and simple Chrome is, but the main reason I stick with Firefox is that I can build in a whole bunch of tools that I use regularly (such as ScribeFire which I am using to write this post) right into the browser with Firefox’s massive library of extensions.

I’m looking forward to seeing my favorites come over, and then my journey may be complete!

:: Justin ::

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