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We will be holding a North Dakota User Group meeting at Enable in Bismark on Monday, May 24th at 10am.

This meeting will have a particular focus on cross-provider sharing (COIS) thanks to all the work the Bismark-Mandan providers did helping us set it up.

It's also a great opportunity to get all your questions answered by Sazzad, Shawon, and Tahseen

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Have you set up COIS yet?

Do you support people who also receive services from other agencies?

If so, you could be communicating quickly, easily, and securely using Therap’s COIS (Cross Organizational Information Sharing) functionality.

It’s easy to set up (you can find full instructions here)

  1. Your administrator (from their -adm) account should start an issue (using the “My Issues” or “Feedback” links) requesting to set up COIS and the agencies they would like to share with.
  2. Identify the Individuals to be shared, request sharing (via the new links that will appear on the Admin tab following step 1)
  3. Turn on Cross Provider SComm for those staff that you would like to be able to communicate with the other agencies

That’s it!

Any Questions?  Call […]

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Therap COIS :: A real game changer

Link to Therap

As I travel around the country (and for that matter, Canada) I am often asked what it is that makes Therap better than other systems that are out there or why an agency or state shouldn’t just build their own system.

The answer to the second question is easy.  Just talk to anyone who has done it.  It is very hard to keep a system up to date with current technology and regulations.  You also have to contend with meeting all the HIPAA/ARRA/HITECH security and disclosure regulations, not to mention electronic signatures.  Finally, what do you do when your programmer leaves?  On the other hand you could have access to Therap’s […]

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Therap 8.10 :: Setting up COIS

if you, like me are really excited about being able to communicate with other agencies that support the same people as you, here’s a quick look at how you’ll do it:

Setting Up COIS:

To share information regarding an individual, the
Provider Administrator of an agency will at first need to contact
Therap, requesting Cross Organization Information Sharing (COIS) to be
enabled for their agency. The Provider Administrator would also need to
send the names of the Providers/Agencies they would […]

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Therap 8.10 coming soon

Link to Therap

If everything goes according to plan (and that can be a fairly big “if”) we will see the latest in our series of iterative releases coming out this weekend (April 4th).

There are significantly exciting things in this release.  None more so than the introduction of phase 1 of COIS (Cross Organizational Information Sharing).  This means that in a week or so, your staff (those ones that you choose) will be able to Individual Care SComms to staff at other agencies (the staff that they choose who also support the same individual).

This is a huge step forward for Therap, the developmental disability community and electronic health information.  […]

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Therap's Big Ideas :: Idea Number 3 – MAPS – Multi-Access Provider System

Previous, I have talked about COIS, our Cross Provider Information Sharing functionality that I believe will revolutionize the developmental disability community.

However, if you are a state like Delaware, Montana, or North Dakota or a multi-state agency like Dungarvin, then you need a different, more hierarchical style of cross-provider access.

Since starting with state-wide access in the First State of Delaware a few years ago we have added more and more of this type of functionality and at Fishkill were able to discuss, brainstorm, and even demonstrate the next generation of what we are calling MAPS (though to be honest I would really like a better name, I just haven’t come up with […]

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Therap's Big Ideas :: Idea Number 2 – COIS – Cross Organizational Information Sharing

Well, the conference is now over (and I hope to have a post reflecting on all the amazing things that went on, but I am still catching up!) and in fact we were back in Fishkill today debriefing.

100202 Fishkill  (445)100202 Fishkill  (444)

One of the coolest things looking back is how right we were with our big ideas, as confirmed by the conference attendees.

COIS (Cross Provider Information Sharing) is a concept that we have been working with and thinking about since Therap started, and infact we have even implemented versions of […]

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