Day 2 in Columbia, South Carolina

Today we have the next section of our South Carolina Conference.  Yesterday was all the Case Managers, today and tomorrow we have Day and Residential Providers.  Between the two groups we have getting on for 700 people!

The providers in South Carolina have done a great job of implementing Therap.  Such a good job in fact, there was a group singing about it in a session this morning!

Tonight we have a reception which is being hosted by a couple of very generous sponsors.  As such we would really like to thank:



If you are in the area, be sure to stop by!

:: Justin ::

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South Carolina Annual Case Management and Early Intervention Conference

Today in Columbia, South Carolina we have 400 or so Case Managers from all over the state coming together to learn more about Therap, most specifically a whole bunch of Case Management modules that are in the process of being rolled out.

We are running five concurrent sessions co-teaching with our colleagues from DDSN.

This is a great hotel to run a conference in, incredibly helpful staff and a nicely laid out facility.  We have a full team of support staff here so it’s looking like a great day!

Not only that, then we have two days for Day and Residential Providers to come.

Before that though, a wee bit of Fireflies Baseball!

:: Justin ::


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Tuesday at the Rehab International World Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland

This week I am attending the Rehab International World Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland (I might also stop in to see some friends, family, and the famous Heart of Midlothian!).

The conference got off to a very illustrious start with speeches from Princess Anne and Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon among others.

I’m already meeting a bunch of fascinating folks from all over the world and looking forward to presenting on what Therap does tomorrow.

:: Justin ::


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Wednesday at NYSACRA at the Sagamore, Lake George, New York


Today, Richard, Kris and I are on the gorgeous (and possibly even bonnie, bonnie) banks of Lake George for NYSACRA‘s annual conference.

This morning I game my presentations and at the moment I am sitting in on OMRDD’s presentation about their “Choices” system that they are building for service coordination.  I was able to have a nice discussion with them about the interface that we will build as son as they are ready.

It’s been great catching up with so many of our […]

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