Welcome to Connecticut

With the amount of travel I do around the country, it is really exciting to be holding our first Connecticut Therap Regional Conference this week.

While this is not the first conference we have held in Connecticut, (the first few National Conferences were held in Southbury) this is already the largest!

Yesterday we had a great set of discussions on all sort of topics and I’m looking forward to more today.

This is also a great time for folks in Connecticut to remember to join up with our Connecticut users group.  This has proved to be a very successful forum for Connecticut Therap users to get together and discuss their Therap processes and issues with each other.  The group is coordinated by Stan […]

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Therap 9.1 Release Date is now July 24th, 2011

Graphic showing Therap version 9.1 is coming soon

In order to give you the highest quality release possible, we are resscheduling Therap 9.1 to July 24th.  This means that the date for getting all your IDFs into in-prep or Approved status is now July 23rd.

We are also rescheduling the webinars previewing these new features (though you can watch a recording of the Single Provider one here at any time).

Rather than doing these as live webinars, I will be recording them and sending out a link to anyone who singed up

:: Justin ::

Allergy Profiles in Therap 9.1

Screenshot of Allergy Profile of Mary Active

As well as all the amazing unification functionality in Therap 9.1, we will also be taking our next step towards CCHIT Compliance.

Currently, allergies are listed in a text box.  In Therap 9.1 (if you have subscribed to our First DataBank live drug database) you get all sorts of new features.

Firstly, allergies are now listed individually and can be picked from the First DataBank list.

Now, when you add a new medication, it will tell you if there is a reaction between that medication and an allergy or that medication and another medication already being taken!

Screenshot of Medication History showing Drug-Allergy [...]

Therap Regional Conference in Meriden, Connecticut, September 29-30, 2011

We are very excited to announce our first Connecticut Regional Conference.

Following on from the recently formed Connecticut Users Group, the conference will take place at the Four Points in Meriden, CT on September 29th and 30th, 2011.

Click here for more details.

Don’t forget our full calendar of conferences around the country.  Find one near you here.

:: Justin ::


Upcoming Conferences

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Scheduling Medications in MAR

Screenshot showing Scheduled Medication(s) and Scheduled Treatment(s)

When we brought in medication scheduling in 9.0 it opened up a world of possibilities.  There is however a bit of a problem.  Not all possibilities for med scheduling can be done through the scheduler that is built into the Medication History module.

Well, we have a solution, and a very cool one at that which can basically copy with any scheduling routine you have.

All you need to do is go to your MAR and switch to Configuration Mode, you can now click on any cell to make it scheduled or remove the scheduling.

You can now define exactly the schedule you want your staff to see!

:: Justin ::

Sunday at the DDNA Conference in Hartford, Connecticut

Therap Booth

Well this was one conference that I didn’t have to travel too far for.  Just a 40 minute drive and here I am.  Other people though have come from all over the country for the Developmental Disabilites Nurses Association Annual Conference.

I have been coming to DDNA conferences for many years now.  What is really exciting here is quite how many customers have come up and said “hi”.  So far I have met Therap Users from Indiana, North Dakota, New Mexico, Connecticut, Maine, Illinois, Minnesota, Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware and probably more that I am not remembering.

If you are here, be sure to stop by.

:: Justin ::

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Towards Therap 9.0 :: Time Tracking

As we gather ourselves following an increadibly exciting conference in Fishkill, we are now focussed on bringing you Therap 9.0 and all the goodness that involves.

One brand new module will be Time Tracking (though I kind of hope that we come up with a better name by then).  This is a quick and easy data collection module that we designed along with our friends at Oak Hill in Connecticut.

We we tryign to find the best way to do Sleep and Mood tracking and weren’t really happy with any of the solutions we found (despite some great Excel spreadsheets!)

So now we have this: (click on pictures for bigger versions)

screenshot showing creating [...]

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User Presentation :: 4 :: Paul Smith & Cathy Rathburn – Therap for Multi-State Providers

Splash image of National Conference, Feb 8-10, 2011 Fishkill, New York

Paul Smith & Cathy Rathburn: Therap for multi-state providers

Dungarvin’s use of Therap currently extends across 6 states, 200 locations, 700 individuals served, and more than 1000 DSPs.

An open discussion on the challenges (and opportunities) faced by provider agencies operating across multiple states, such as, but not limited to:

  • Developing a repeatable implementation process
  • Balancing state specic needs with organizational standards
  • Facilitating “national”, or “corporate”, access
  • Developing “local”, subject matter experts and Provider Administrators
  • Assessing the impact on existing systems, processes and procedures

02/08/2011, Tuesday, 01:30pm


List of Users’ Presentations
National Conference’s Page

Therap 8.14.9 Released

Graphics of We use Therap for quality, do you? button


For those of you keeping score at home (and we know you are…)

Today we released Therap 8.14.9.  It’s not a huge release, but it has a few nice little tidbits you should know about:

  • We have increased the font size in the PDF version of Custom FOrms
  • Updated the PDF Invoice for billing fiscal intermediaries in Connecticut to meet changes in regulations
  • Made a few other minor billing tweaks
  • Updated the Training Certification report in TMS with an option to only show the latest certifications
  • New Section 1 title added to the OPWDD ISP Plan PDF

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

Remember you can check out full Release Notes […]

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Manipulating ISP Reports in Excel

I was working with Mary-Beth and the fine folks at Oak Hill on getting their ISP Data Reports just the way they want them.

They have standard prompt levels which are scored 1 through 5.  At the end of the month they like to have an average score for each task and overall.

By putting the full name of the prompt level in the Caption and the number in the acromym/label for the scoring method I was able to do the following thanks to a couple of simple tricks in Excel.

I was also able to use GoToMeeting to very easily record the process for them and help them out with their training.

Do you have examples of how you get data […]

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