New Personal Property Inventory in Custom Forms

While I was in Oregon last week I had the pleasure of stopping in to see Craig at Albertina Kerr.  One of the things we discussed was their need for a Personal Property list.  He showed me what they used just now and over the weekend we ran up a couple of samples.

Now, we have in the Global Custom Form Template Library, for your importing delight, a Personal Property Inventory.

Take a look and see what you think.  I think it is rather cool!

This is what it looks like while you are entering the data.

Screenshot of Personal Property, this is what it looks like while you are entering the data


This is what it looks like when others […]

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Custom Forms in Therap 8.10 :: Getting a home of their home

Screenshot of MAR & Health Passport

In Therap 8.10, custom forms will be moving out of their shared box and each getting their own one. 

This will make it much easier for your staff to find any custom form that you have imported from the global library.

You’ll still have the custom forms box to look at them all in one place and to check on discontinued forms.

:: Justin ::

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