Making the move to Liveperson for Therap Live Help

HomeAs I have written about before, we have been looking around for the best way to replace our current Live Help system. The one we built a few years ago is showing signs of age and given that we want to give as much priority as we can to system functionality and stability, we decided to take a look out there and see if anyone could meet our needs.

Interestingly, most companies who supply Live Help software just couldn’t cope with our need for HIPAA compliance (which we tend to take a significantly stricter stand on than a lot of folks do).

However, we did find a couple who could and have now made […]

There's nothing better than a Therap user

Unfortunately we had some issues with the system tonight. I happened to be helping out covering Live Help to let folks know what was going on.

Not one person gave me a hard time, but I was told a lot of other things:

To have a blessed night

That hopefully I wouldn’t have to stay up to late

Thanks for being available

Thanks, I thought I was doing something wrong

It genuinely is a pleasure serving you all

:: Justin ::

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System Issues

8:55pm Eastern:  Unfortunately we are currently experiencing some system difficulties.  We are working hard to get these resolved as quickly as we can.  Watch this space for updates.

9:00pm Eastern: Looks like we will have to take the system down to fix this.  We hope to be up and running again around 9:30pm Eastern

9:30pm Eastern: Sorry about this, but it seems we still have some work to do.  Aiming for 10pm Eastern to be back up.

9:55pm Eastern: Back up and running, sorry that took so long. We’ll be keeping a very close eye on things.


:: Justin ::

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Therap Phones Temporarily Out of Order

We’ve been through Hurricane Irene here in Connecticut (technically I think it was Tropical Storm Irene by the time it hit Connecticut).

The biggest issues away from the shore seem to be power outages. This includes our office in Waterbury. Because of the lack of power we don’t have any phones there either.

This obviously doesn’t impact the system which is still running just fine, but if you need to get hold of us, you can use either Live Help (remember if there is noone there at the time and you can always leave us a message) or email, or call one of our cell phones.

Hopefully everyone else got through the storm peacefully too.

:: Justin ::

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Welcome to Therap Stacey!


I am delighted to announce the latest person to join our Support and Implementation team: Stacey Kernisan

Please join be in welcoming Stacey to Therapville.

Stacey is from the Maryland/DC area having used Therap at St. John’s Community Services, where she was a Therap Certified Trainer and at Creative Options and Employment.

Those of you going to our conference in Denver, COlorado will get the first opportunity to meet Stacey, be sure to say “Hi” and introduce yourself.

:: Justin ::

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Reports of slowness

We are getting sporadic reports of slowness from arouns the country.

It is one of these scenarios that is very difficult to pinpoint as it is not universal (I am at NASDDDS in Philadelphia and the system is running just fine over the hotel internet)

We are though trying to track down what is going on and I will update you with any information I have.

If you are having and issues, be sure to let us know what is going on, what browser you use, and who is your internet provider.

:: Justin ::


UPDATE: 12:15 Eastern

We have done a thorough investingation internall and don’t believe that there is anything going wrong at our end.  We are currently try to see if […]

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Maureen Noonan, Therap's new Director of Customer Support

Maureen Noonan, Senior Training and Implementation Specialist

I am delighted to announce the appointment of Maureen Noonan as our new Director of Customer Support.
Most of you have probably met Maureen as she has travelled around the country, at conferences, or providing implementation and training for agencies from coast to coast.  If you don’t already, you should be keeping an eye on Maureen’s Blog and her amazing photography as she travels.
Maureen has been very involved in statewide implementations of Therap across the country and has visited more or less every provider in the states of Delaware, Montana, and  New Mexico.
As she transitions to her new position, Maureen will be taking more of a leadership and management role […]
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Problems using Firefox 4 with attendance

Original Picture is Unavailable

If like me you are always eager to use the latest and greatest version of a browser, you may have jumped all over Firefox 4 or the latest version of Chrome.

Unfortunately, as cool as both of these are (and I am now very tempted to go back to Firefox, especially given the way it syncs with its Android cousin) there have been some changes within them that casue problems within Therap.

Most notable of these is when submitting Attendance.

If you are experience, the solution for now is to revert to you previous browser.

We are working on this and hope to have a solution soon.

:: Justin ::

UPDATE: 4/24/11

This issue has […]

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Let me Therap that for you


Support Home


There is a (usually slightly mean) phrase used on web forums that says LMGTFY or “Let Me Google That For You”.

Basically the idea is that someone has just asked a question that could be easily answered with a Google search.

What’s mildy amusing is that can actually generate a link for you with the answer (and obfuscate it a little via so you can tell people the answer is:

Now, of course, here at Therap we are not in the slightest bit mean (ref: Mike Mulligan), but sometimes the answers that people are looking for could be found just as easily with a quick search of our Help […]

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Update on Application Performance

The last couple of days haven’t been the best or easiest that we have seen.  Any time that Therap isn’t humming along perfectly we aren’t satisfied, but this is an example of one of those times when there are a bunch of things going on that added together make life complicated.

While like us, I am sure that you would much rather that we never had any difficulties, they are an unfortunately part of a growing system.

We put a lot of resources into making sure that things go wrong as infrequently as possible (the last significant outage (it was 90 minutes) we had was on March 10th, 2010).

As for this current issue (and you are probably seeing  impact from it […]

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