System Processing…

We are getting a number of reports of people seeing the “System Processing” screen for extended periods while working with ISP Dat and General Event Reports.

We are currently looking into the issue and I will have an update here as soon as I know more.

Sorry for any probolems this may be causing you.

:: Justin ::

UPDATE: 2:20pm Eastern

OK, it looks like we have resolved the issue, if you are still seeing those delays, please let us know.

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Keeping up with Therap

Feed Computer icon.


As you probably know, there is always an awful lot going on here at Therap and one of the stuggles that folks sometimes seem to have is how to keep up with it all.

It’s a bit like the “Why don’t you have a printable User Guide?” question.  The answer to which is “Actually we do, you can go into any page in Help and Support and print it, but you probably don’t want to as it’s a waste of money and paper doesn’t update itself”

So how do you keep up to with all the changes and goings on in the Therapverse?

Well, you have a number of choices:

  1. For starters, […]
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Having problems getting to Therap?

We are hearing reports from around the country of people having trouble getting to the Therap website.

As far as we can tell at the moment this is nothing to do with the Therap system or datacenter (it is running fine just now, I am logged in, and thousands of others are too)

Sometimes this happens when a particular Internet Service Provider or Secure Internet hub is having a problem.

We are aggressively researching to see if we can pin it down.

More news as I get it

:: Justin ::

3:50pm Eastern

It does seem like most of the people who are having problems getting to Therap are Comcast users.  If you are having problems on Comcast and have an alternate connection, please try that and […]

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Custom Report role is now active

For some time, Provider Administrators have been able to access Custom Reports.  This is functionality allowing users to get a report in Excel that is not readily available elsewhere in the application.  Sometimes these reports are designed specifically for one provider or state, other times they provide a report that we have received may requests for.

The observant amongst you may have noticed that in the list of Agency Wide roles there is actually a role for Custom Reports.  Up to now, assigning this basically didn’t do anything. (we were making sure that we and you were happy with the way custom reports worked).

We have now activated this role so that you can assign it and people will have on their […]

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New Therap phones almost ready for action

New Therap phone system

For the last couple of days, the folks from Decian have been installing our new phone system.  For the next week they will be working in a sort of “internal only” mode until Monday September 13th when we will swap our main number over.

The goal for me with the new system is to make it quicker and easier for you to talk to the folks you need at Therap.  A few things you should note:

  • Our main number will not change.  You will still find us at (203) 596-7553.
  • Having called that number everyone will have their own four digit extension no matter where they are based (mine is 2002)
  • That extension might ring a […]
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Updated Password Policy for Provider Administrators

Screenshot of Configure Password Policy

Now that many people are assigning Admin Capabilities to their regular user accounts, we have had many requests to be able to extend the  expiration on Provider Admin Accounts.  Well now you can, just check out the screenshot above.
A word of advice, if you don’t log into that account very often, set the warning up to 30 or 60 days.
:: Justin ::
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Have you shared with us yet?

Screenshot of LiveLook Integration up and running in Live Help

We now have LiveLook integration up and running in Live Help.  This means that with just a click you can share your screen with us, making it much quicker to identify an issue that you may be having.

All you need to do at your end is have Java running and pop ups enabled (you may well have both of these already).

For full details, check out this FAQ in Help & Support.

:: Justin ::

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More advances in Therap Customer Support

Original Picture is Unavailable

We are always looking for new way to provide better, quicker, and easier support.

Our latest enhancement in this area will be integration with a service called LiveLook.

This will give you the ability in a couple of clicks to share your screen with the person giving you help over Live Help or the phone.

Being able to see the problem you are having or being able to very quickly show you something from our screen should really speed up our ability to answer your questions and allow you to get back to work more quickly.

Look for some extra buttons on your Live Help window […]

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