Check out Therap's new Usability Garage

Therap’s Usability Garage is a place where you can come and take a look at some of the things we are thinking about.

Not all of them will come to fruition, but all the ideas and discussions help us move forward.

My favourite feature of the new garage is that you can comment on the ideas yourself

So hop on over and check out some of the things we are thinking about.

:: Justin ::

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The coolest people in Therapville

That would be the design team, the self-annointed kings and queens of cool.

Well, this week they really outdid themselves. Starting with the T-Girl presentation below.

Then there were all the tremendous banners and tablecloths that we had spread over the hotel.

Then there was the Pam Pennyworth presentation.  I need to get this in a format I can post. It’s amazing, even more so because it was done overnight.  You can read all about it here.

Finally there was the Therap Ideas logo.  Almost every session I did included a bit about Therap Ideas which I am very excited about.  (I’m sure I’ll do a whole post about it, but for now, just […]

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