Even more on MARs in Therap 8.1

Once you have created your MARs and staff have done all their documentation, you’ll want to find new ways to use all that wonderful information that you have at your fingertips.

We are introducing a new flexible report generator that will look something like this:

Screenshot of MAR Report Criteria form.

I am sure there will be much more to show you soon!

:: Justin ::

And produce output like this:

Screenshot of MAR Custom Report page with Mar Report Criteria field and list of total records

An easy way to get reports on things like PRNs […]

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More about MARs in Therap 8.1

OK, let’s take a look at how you will set up an MAR when Therap 8.1 is released:

Basically you can set up any month’s MAR in advance (or look at old ones).  Obviously this is all based on having the correct roles assigned to you.

Screenshot of MAR Configuration Search.

As usual, if you click on a screenshot, you’ll get to see it and many more in Flickr.

Having chosen the MAR you want to set up, you’ll get a screen something like this:

Screenshot of MAR Configuration page after Search.

Here you can work on the […]

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Medication Administration Records in Therap 8.1

As you most probably know, we brought out the first Beta release of MARs in Therap 8.0.  Since then we have had loads of feedback and barrowloads of suggestions from users around the country.

Based on all of that we will be bringing our next beta version of Medication Administration Records in Therap 8.1 which we hope to be delivering to you around the end of this of this month.

beta version of Medication Administration Records in Therap 8.1.

Probably this biggest single change that we have made is that now each month’s MAR is it’s own entity which can be set up in advance and reviewed afterwards.  In doing this we are also creating a […]

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Sazzad's latest suprise: New York Hab Plans in Therap 8.1

I think that Sajjadul dropped himself in hot water by letting slip on a call yesterday that he was testing Hab Plans.  Always wanting to play with new toys and also being very excited about this I begged Sazzad for a look.

Here’s what I saw:

If you are from New York, these will make perfect sense.  If not, then take a look and see if you would find them useful.

Once again, Sazzad and his team have exceeded all expectations!

Hab Plan FirstPage by you.

Starting on FirstPage, you’ll see that Hab Plans have their very own area (and set of roles).  The eagle-eyed […]

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Connecticut Emergency Individual Fact Sheet in Therap

We are in the final testing stages for bringing out the Connecticut Emergency Data Form in Therap.  In fact, if you want to see it, check out one of our DEMO accounts as it is active in there.

Soon, for all providers in Connecticut, there  will be a new link at the bottom of each EDF that looks like this:

Screenshot showing new PDF link at the bottom of Emergency Data Form.

Clicking on that will open up the following form:

Screenshot of PDF form.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

:: Justin ::

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Used to be FirstPage Menu, now Quick Links

Therap Quick Links Menu.

When we brought out the FirstPage Menu a few weeks ago, we received more positive Feedbacks than we have for just about any feature that I can think of.  However, for a certain group of users (those not using the items listed on FirstPage menu) it was a bit of a pain having to scroll to the bottom of that list and click twice where you used to only click once.

So, today we introduced “Quick Links”.  All the joy of FirstPage Menu with none of the hassle!  Thanks to everyone who gave us suggestions so that we got here.  It’s a great example […]

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Therap 8.1 :: Custom Form Global Library

In Release 8.1 we will be combining the custom forms we’ve been experimenting with and the ISP Template Global Library. 

Yesterday i got a quick glimpse and it works something like this.

When you need a new custom form (think of things like the IPOP that need on of per individual) you request it, and we here (Therap Admin) will create the form.  We now have a lot of flexibility in doing that including bringing in pieces of your existing data:

Start with a blank page
Screenshot of 'Therap Custom Form Designer' page

Then start adding things:
Screenshot of Insert Appropriate Date field of Therap Custom [...]

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Therap 8.1 Previews

Over the next week or two I am going to be posting a bunch of previews of our next major release, Therap 8.1

As usual with these things we don’t have a definite release date, but it must be getting reasonably close as these will be actual screenshots rather than just mock-ups.

You can look forward to: Custom Forms (I show you these later today), enhanced MARs, new cross-provider features, some great billing enhancements, simplification and enhancement of TMS and more.

So keep your browser pointed here and let me know what you think

:: Justin ::

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