Deyta Press Release :: National Human Services Benchmark Expands

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Louisville, KY (MMD Newswire) February 25, 2010 –Therap Services is announces that it has entered into a strategic relationship with Deyta to assist Human Service providers who support individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Deyta will collect quality and outcome-based data to be measured in the ANCOR Performance Excellence National Benchmarking Initiative. These benchmarks will provide key information that will enhance the ability for Human Service providers to provide the best quality of care.

“We are excited about interfacing with Deyta to integrate their data analytics and benchmarking with the data collection capabilities of […]

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Wednesday in Louisville with Deyta

Richard and I spent most of Wednesday in Louisville, Kentucky talking with the folks from Deyta about ANCOR’s Performance Excellence Toolkit as well as the other satisfaction survey and benchmarking products that they have.

With Performance Excellent, agencies can become part of a national system to measure quality and progress.  Obviously when looking at topics such as Preventive Healthcare (which will be coming out in 2010), harnessing the data held within Therap could made participation a lot easier and more accurate.

We are in the process of starting a trial of just that (if you’d like to join in, please let me know). 

We are […]

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Tuesday in Lexington (and Kentucky!)

Stephen and I left Waterbury bright and early this morning, in time to have a delightful, snowy breakfast in Johnstown, New York before spending the day with the folks at the Lexington Center and beginning theit r Therap implementation.  It’s always a really exciting time, and with an agency the size of Lexington Center, there’s a lot of planning.  The implementation team though got stuck right into it, and I can see a time when Renee might have competition as the Therap Queen of Upstate New York!

It’s also very cool to be around the home of Flame just after they were featured on Good Morning America.

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