Therap eCHAT Approved for use in the District of Columbia

The following memo was issued today:


TO: All Providers

FROM: Cathy R. Anderson, DDS Deputy Director for DDA

RE: Use of Electronic Formats for Nursing Assessments

DATE: September 20, 2013

This bulletin provides notification that, effective immediately, the Department on Disability Services (DDS), Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), approves the use of the nursing assessment format in Therap as a substitute for Nursing Assessment Form A or B. Additionally, providers who are using alternative electronic health records that include a nursing assessment format may request that DDA review the format to approve its use.

DDA’s current Health and Wellness Standards require that providers use either Nursing Form A or B as part of developing a person’s Health Care Management Plan. This bulletin serves as notification that providers using Therap may now […]

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Higher and higher in New Mexico

Justin in New Mexico

Naim and I have spent the past couple of days in New Mexico working on the latest upgrades to eCHAT and the rest of their statewide Therap implementation.

Original Picture is Unavailable

Every time I come to Albuquerque I look up and the mountains and think – I should really get up there.

Mountains in Albuquerque

So, after a long day of meetings, we made a run for the Sandia Peak Tramway and made it up the mountain for some views that you just can’t appreciate with out being there.  But here are a few of my attempts to capture […]

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Therap Regional Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico

State map of North Dakota

We have just finnished a great two days of conferencing in Albuquerque.  It looks like we had about 200 people there!

It was a great crowd, all eager to learn and from all aspects of services in New Mexico from providers to case managers to state administrators, surveyors, and investigators.

I have to admit to being a little nervous when I saw quite how many people signed up, but I am very fortunate to work with some great folks.  Maureen, Brent, and Leah ran great sessions and special thanks need to go to Brianne, who though she is no longer we the state I think still knows […]

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Wednesday in Albuquerque

I spent a great day working with the folks here in New Mexico on the eCHAT (electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool).  They’ve done a great job implementing and it’s amazing how much we have learned over the last year.

Petroglyphs National Monument (1)

I think this is about my sixth time coming to Albuquerque and I have never made it out of the city.  Well, today I finally did! However, before that I stopped by at the birthplace of Microsoft:

Justn in Petroglyphs National Monument (38)

After that I was off […]

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More progress in New Mexico

Video on eCHAT Preview for New Mexico


I spent the last couple of days in New Mexico working with them on the latest updates to the eCHAT (Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool) and the upcoming state-wide implementation of General Event Reports. The next set of updates are going to be very exciting. We’ll have some functionality and data changes based on what we have learned so far and look to be taking advantage of Individual Unification to provide some very cool sharing capabilities.

Based on the work we did, providers in New Mexico should look forward to receiving extra guidance in using the eCHAT, using Health Tracking, and transferring individuals in the next week or so.

It is very exciting […]

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Coming Soon :: eCHAT :: Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool

Here’s something else I am really excited about:

What you have here is a quick walkthrough of the new eCHAT or Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool that we have developed in conjunction with the State of New Mexico.

Not only does it provide a thorough and easy to use assessment tool, but it also calculates an overall acuity level and publishes a summary with recommendations for where care plans may be required.

Also, within the assessments are links to resources to help with supports in that area.

Take a look, let me know what you think.

When it is publicly available beyond New Mexico, it will be a premium service.  However we are looking for some beta testers.  Interested?

:: Justin ::

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