Day 2 at the Rehab International World Congress

Another great day at the Rehab International World Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Today was my turn to present, taking about Therap’s approach and the impact it has on people and their circle of support.

The format was a new one for me.  Four presentations were grouped together with each presenter talking and then a time for questions.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I actually really liked it.  I think it helped have more people in the session for all of us and the other presentations were very cool.

  • Making gait analysis quicker, cheaper, and more affordable.
  • Parent and self advocacy in South Korea
  • Crowd sourcing wheelchair design and manufacture: I love the description of a wheelchair as “wearable tech”. Check out
  • Yours truly!

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See you in Edingburgh!

Edinburgh Castle


This should be my view tomorrow morning (assuming of course I forget to get off the bus at my parent’s house).

I will be in Scotland for the next week so I may be slightly less available than normal.

If you need me, email is probably best, or try the office or live help.


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A busy Sunday in Edinburgh

Church from Dalry Road

This morning started with heading off to church to St Martin’s, the church where I grew and Dad used to work.  Very nice to catch up with old friends and see some wonderful young kids running riot there!

Then off to Gorgie City Farm for the obligatory visit.  Sorry no picture of the red tractor, I was having too much fun talking to the pigs!

football gamefootball match

Then after lunch, Nick to his girls back to Milngavie and I headed off to see my friend Scott, his son Calum, and John (who I meet once a year […]

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Friday in Edinburgh

Original Picture is Unavailable

It was actually a delightful day (weather-wise) here today, though for some reason, the same temperature here always feels much colder!

Original Picture is Unavailable

I am having fun seeing how much my Droid can do despite not having phone service.  The answer is actually rather a lot.  Lots of Wi-Fi here and the GPS still works!

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Sunday in Edinburgh

Another varied day around Edinburgh and its assorted festivals.

090809 Edinburgh (3) by you.

We started the morning off at St. John’s.  Where Dad first worked when we came to Edinburgh and I had a chance to meet up with my pre-school teacher the best part of 40 years on!

090809 Edinburgh (4) by you.

Then we wandered around town and down by Holyrood Palace to see all sort of street performers and Fringe acts promoting their wares. Much fun and much walking.

090809 Edinburgh (103) by you.
After a brief respite it was out to dinner.  Given that Dad was out elsewhere we took […]

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You just have to love Edinburgh

In the last 24 hours I’ve seen The Stranglers, seen Hearts play at Tynecastle and watch The Edinburgh Jazz Festival Orchestra play music inspired by Robert Burns.

And walking back was surrounded by so much stuff going on that you’d like to see that there is just never time to.

Such is Edinburgh during the festival.  It’s madness but it’s rather a lot of fun.

Hearts vs Sunderland football match
The football was a laugh.  thanks to Scott getting us tickets, we were in the old stand fairly close to the away end packed with supporters who had come up from Sunderland for the final friendly before the season […]

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Wednesday in Edinburgh (Indiana)

After a day of phone calls, webinars, more rain, and meetings in Louisville Kentucky, I headed up to Indiana.

Edinburgh Indiana

Interestingly I arranged to have dinner in Edinburgh which I had seen on highway signs before driving from Indianapolis to Louisville, but never had the chance to stop.

Looks like a great little town, just needs a castle in the middle and really should be home to the famous Heart of Midlothian!

Edinburgh Indiana

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