Homecoming 2009 Part 2

Another nice easy trip home.  Hopping on the 35 bus at half past six this morning (GMT) and pulling into my driveway in Wolcott by 2pm.  I have  had much longer trips home from places east of the Mississippi let alone the west coast!  Kara must be home, Continental delivered me to Newark the best part of half an hour early.

On the flight back I discovered this little gem that I didn’t know was even on my computer!  I’m quite a fan of puzzle games and this one is perfect for planes.  Look and see if you have Microsoft Tinker!

Graphic of Microsoft Tinker

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More family, more food!

One of the joys of these visits is catching up and hanging out with family, both the oldest (my parents) and the youngest (my brother Nick’s two daughters Julia and Catherine).

Justin hanging out with his family

They came over from Milngavie (check with Renee for pronunciation) resulting in a wonderfully busy house and the obligatory trip to Gorgie City Farm!

Of course all of these visits and trips involve massive quantities of food and drink including fine dinners prepared by Mum, a very nice lunch at The Caley Sample Room and finally next door for Chinese with neighbour Ian

Justin hanging out [...]

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Heartache at Tynecastle

Hearts vs St Mirren football match

An integral part of being a Hearts supporter is the pain and torment that it causes.  Today lived up to typical Hearts standards.  A cold windy day, a fair amount of effort, little progress in front of goal, finally a breakthrough with 20 minutes to go when Eggert Jonsson scored.  Then in injury time at the end of the game St Mirren equalised :-(

Despite that it was a great way to spend the afternoon, with Scott, his son Calum, and friend John.  Much dry wit!

calum millar
Now it’s time to settle in with my […]

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Family, Friends, and Food

They do all seem to fit together!

family hangout

This morning, Mum and I got a bus (for those of you in Connecticut, this is like a really big car that lots of people share) out towards Kirkliston to have lunch with my sister Anne and an assortment of her family at the farm restaurant when her son Matthew is a chef.  Dad as he often does, chose to cycle.

Justin in Edinburgh

After tea and gossip back at Anne’s it was back on the bus just in time for some very fine fish and chips.  The […]

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Wednesday in Edinburgh (via Murfeesboro!)

Banner showing welcome Justin

It really is remarkably easy to get here (compares favorably to coming back to Connecticut from Denver or the left coast.

After arriving early this morning and catching the Number 35 bus directly from the airport to Shandon, it was time for a quick nap and then off to lunch with an old family friend.

We ended up at a rather fine establishment Thomson’s Bar on Morrison Street.  Not only did they have splendid pies and very fine beer, they also had a barmaid from Murfeesboro, TN site of the next Therap / College of Direct Support Conference and ancestral home of our Kara!  Small […]

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