Moving towards CCHIT

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This is a presentation that Anna and I did for folks in Arkansas that focuses on CCHIT and the functionality that is involved as well as all the other steps we are going through to get you an approved Electronic Health Record.

You can read more about the standard here

Video on Care Coordination and CCHIT by Therap Services in Arkansas

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Have you submitted any Care Plans yet

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Having spent a couple of days in Albuquerque, I have been thinking about and talking about Care Plans quite a bit.

What makes the module really exciting for me is the idea of a high quality, moderated library of care plans.

This will only work though with your help, so dig out those care plans and start submitting them to our library.

Note: They will only show up there when we have approved them.

For instructions on submitting care plans, click here.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Don’t forget to come and discuss care plans in our Special Interest Group

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Do your policies match your Therap use?

There are many things that you need to think of when implementing Therap.  Amongst them is your policy manual.

Not only will you have to make sure that references to forms and such become references to Therap, but you probably want to have an overall electronic records policy.

To help you out, we have added one to our list of reference documents

Take a look here.

If you have policies, guides, or other documents you would like to share, be sure to let us know

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Getting Ready for Therap 2012.0


Today Sazzad and I finished two days of very productive meetings getting ready for going live with a host of new features in North Dakota in the new year. Be sure to keep an eye on the North Dakota page for timelines and training.

As well as the State and County functionality that we will be bringing out, 2012.0 also includes our next step towards CCHIT certification.  Two of the features I am very excited about are Care Plans and Individual History.  These are premium modules which will be sold as part of our CCHIT/Electronic Health Record (EHR) package.

The Care Plan module will include a moderated Global […]

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