Therap 2016.1 :: Are you ready for the changes in Medication History and MAR?

Pharmacy Interface

This coming weekend we will (finally!) be releasing our Pharmacy Interface (much more about that in later posts).

The big deal with with this release is that we have made a number of changes in Medication History which you need to go and take a look at before the release.

These changes make our Medication History compliant with HL7 standards and add in functionality that we have been looking to add for quite some time like component medications, more flexible scheduling, and definitive end times.

In some ways, the biggest task for us is the migration of all our existing Med History and MAR data over to the new structure […]

More Exciting News about the 2010 Therap Provider Administrator Conference in Fishkill, NY

Therap's National PA Conference is coming up, register for it for a great training experience!
Any of you who have been to one of our conference before (or any other conference for that matter) know that often the last day is not all that well attended and tends to peter out pretty early.  That is not going to be the case in February!  We have such a packed agenda that we are going to fill the third day with sessions you will not want to miss.  We should have a fully updated schedule ready for publication in the next week or so, but one of the exciting innovations this year is that the […]

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