Have you gone mobile yet?

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This weekend we released our new Android App for MAR, ISP Data, and Password Reset.

In order to use the MAR section, you just need to have your Provider Admin get in touch with use (as long as you have purchased the MAR from us already there is no extra charge).

If you would like to use the (extremely cool) Mobile ISP Data app you will need to subscribe, but we have some great introductory pricing so get in touch quickly.

If you want to see how it all works you can watch this […]

Summer 2013 Preview :: Mobile ISP Data

We are in the closing stages of development for our upcoming Summer 2013 release – don’t get too excited yet we have an awful lot of testing and fixing before this ever sees the light of day!

Over the coming weeks I’ll bring you the highlights – and there are some pretty awesome things to share.

Starting with this: Mobile ISP Data!

It’s just that, ISP Data on your Android phone (we hope to have an iOS version in future releases).  Because it is ISP Data it fits in perfectly with your plans and reporting and billing.  Because it is on your phone, it now includes a geolocation, photo, and signature.

This then gives you a great way to prove that services were actually […]

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