Having fun with pivot tables


One of the things that made me smile most at the National Conference was the number of times I overheard people having conversations about the joys of Pivot Tables in Excel.

To add to this, Pat Watt from REACH in Alaska has posted about this on the Certified Trained blog.

You can also look at previous post I have written on the subject by clicking here.

If you have been using Therap for any length of time I can’t emphasize how much you will learn by taking some searches, exporitng them to Excel, and then looking at them in a Pivot Table.

:: Justin ::

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Using Excel with Therap :: Working with times

I have been working with Bill from Montana on how to easily run a report calculating which shifts certain injuries occurred on.

As you may know, I love an Excel challenge, and so, Bill and I have been exchanging emails back and forth as we got closer and closer to an elegant solution.

Key to this is getting Excel to recognise times as times.  By using a feature known as Text to Columns, that is now really easy.

The other trick here is using nested IF formulas which although it looks really smart and complicated is actally rather simple.  If you watch the video above (I would encourage you to double click and open it in YouTube so you can watch it in […]

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Manipulating ISP Reports in Excel

I was working with Mary-Beth and the fine folks at Oak Hill on getting their ISP Data Reports just the way they want them.

They have standard prompt levels which are scored 1 through 5.  At the end of the month they like to have an average score for each task and overall.

By putting the full name of the prompt level in the Caption and the number in the acromym/label for the scoring method I was able to do the following thanks to a couple of simple tricks in Excel.

I was also able to use GoToMeeting to very easily record the process for them and help them out with their training.

Do you have examples of how you get data out […]

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Excel just got even cooler :: Sparklines in Excel 2010

As you probably know by now, I am a huge Excel fan.

Well, I just discovered another reason to love it and to keep trying out new things.

I am currently using a beta version of Office 2010.  Excel 2010 is very like Excel 2007, but one new feature I have found just blows my mind!

They are mini (cell sized) called sparklines.  Say you have a table with a bunch of data in it and you'd like to keep an eye on trends.  Well, just drop a sparkline at the end of the column or row.

Take a look:

Screenshot of Excel 2010 showing Sparklines


How cool is that?


:: Justin ::

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As Requested, All you ever wanted to know about Pivot Tables

Using Pivot Tables to analyze and work with your Therap Data

Exporting data to Excel from Therap is easy, but what do you do with it once it gets there?

Justin Brockie of Therap will give a walkthrough on using Pivot Tables to unleash the power of your data and Pete Ratekin of Occazio in New Castle, Indiana will show how he has been able to automate many of these processes

Title: Using Pivot Tables to analyze and work with your Therap Data
Date: Thursday, March 25, 2010
Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

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The Joy of Pivot Tables

The other day, I was on Facebook, and what did I come across by an entry entitled “The Beauty of Pivot Tables“!  This is for me I thought!

The link was to the Microsoft Office Facebook page. From there it was off to the delightfully named Crabby Office Lady blog.

Then, this morning when I was looking for the above link to share with you I came across this:

Woah! It’s a guy with a funny accent talking about pivot tables! (I just watched it and learned a bunch of stuff)


:: Justin ::

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