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More thoughts on Facebook

The other day, Richard wrote an interesting post on Facebook and parenting.  It’s a fascinating concept and one I tend to focus on the positive aspects of.  How else would I know if my daughter was eating fish fingers and custard or my neice was in desparate need of a new pair of Doc Martens if it were not for Facebook, Twitter and the like.

I am also fascinated by Facebooks willingness to change its basic interface.  Each change is followed by screams of “What has Facebook done” and “That’s it, I’m off to Twitter/MySpace/Google+/ThePub”.  However the new interface almost always brings benefits and people are even more upset when it changes.

We’ve gone through the same many times.  It’s one of […]

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Keeping up with Therap

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As you probably know, there is always an awful lot going on here at Therap and one of the stuggles that folks sometimes seem to have is how to keep up with it all.

It’s a bit like the “Why don’t you have a printable User Guide?” question.  The answer to which is “Actually we do, you can go into any page in Help and Support and print it, but you probably don’t want to as it’s a waste of money and paper doesn’t update itself”

So how do you keep up to with all the changes and goings on in the Therapverse?

Well, you have a number of choices:

  1. For starters, […]
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