Alive and Kicking

As you can see, our robot (at least the beta one, this year we are building two so we have one to practice with after the other is shipped, and the production one doesn’t have its wheels on yet) is kicking nicely!

I is so exciting to see the student’s ideas turned into reality by some amazingly talented engineers.

:: Justin ::

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Robotics so far

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We are now about half way through the FIRST Robotics six week long build season.  For those of you whose life does not revolve around such things, here’s a quick reminder:

The team (MAX1071 in this case) has six week to build a robot to play this game:

After a lot of thinking and a lot of work, this is where we have got to so far:

We’ve built a kicker which can now at the press on a button (or the touching of two wires) kick a soccer ball the length of […]

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FIRST Robotics Kickoff


This morning, Iona and I had the great privilege of getting up ridiculously early and heading north to New Hampshire to attend the 2010 FIRST Robotics kickoff.

If you’ve never come across FIRST before, you need to find out more, especially if you have high school age kids.

Much more than a robotics competition, FIRST is a tool to inspire teenagers to become the future engineers, scientists, and leaders the world needs.

You can learn much more here.

To add to the excitement, Iona was selected to be on stage as we learned more about the supporters of FIRST and this years competition.

This year’s game […]

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