Moving from FirstPage to Dashboard

This is a follow up to a number of posts that I have made on the topic, but notably this one back in June.

A few very, very old people may remember when Therap looked like this:

Main Menu


Those of you who were around for the release of Therap 5.0 will remeber the excitement (and consternation!) when FirstPage was introduced.

Since then we have added so many modules that if you were to have a full set of roles you FirstPage would be so long that it takes a long time to load and is really hard to find things, let alone find those numbers where there are forms waiting […]

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Looking forward to Therap 2013.0

I think that this is my favourite part of the a whole release cycle, when I first get to play with new features and modules. 

We are currently planning to release Therap 2013.0 in the middle of December (hope to have an actual date fairly soon, but you know how it is with these things).

There are a bunch of cool things coming out in this release, the biggest of which are probably Multi Individual Events and the completion of our CCHIT modules, but there are are other things in billing, ISP, and suchlike that I wil try and introduce you to over the next couple of weeks.

This release will also see us taking the next step towards moving completely from FirstPage […]

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Used to be FirstPage Menu, now Quick Links

Therap Quick Links Menu.

When we brought out the FirstPage Menu a few weeks ago, we received more positive Feedbacks than we have for just about any feature that I can think of.  However, for a certain group of users (those not using the items listed on FirstPage menu) it was a bit of a pain having to scroll to the bottom of that list and click twice where you used to only click once.

So, today we introduced “Quick Links”.  All the joy of FirstPage Menu with none of the hassle!  Thanks to everyone who gave us suggestions so that we got here.  It’s a great example […]

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Welcome to FirstPage Menu

Screenshot showing FirstPage Menu

As you log into Therap this morning you’ll notice a small but significant change!

Gone is the ever-present FirstPage link at the top to be replaced by a new “FirstPage Menu” which will allow you not only to jump back to FirstPage, but if you would like to, you can jump directly to one of a number of other places (based on your permissions of course).

I really like this, let me know what you think!

:: Justin ::

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