Clarification of Dates for the 2011 Therap Provider Administration Conference

The schedule for the national conference for 2011 is online now. Download it.

Unfortunately we have confused people a bit by having two set of dates out there for our conference.  I am very sorry for any difficulties we have caused.

Let me just confirm the following:

The conference runs from 8:00am  on Tuesday February 8th until 4:45pm on Thursday February 10th.

We will be setting up on Monday the 7th and often people arrive that afternoon/evening – we usually have some food available and get a head start on brainstorming!

Similarly, people will often stay over one the Thursday night and we would be delighted to have company for dinner and more conversations.

Remember you can find the  latest schedule sign […]

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Congratulations to our newest Therap Certified Trainers

We put a bunch of people through their paces in Fishkill, and are very excited to welcome these fine folks into the illustrious fellowship of Therap Certified Trainers.

To see the full list, click here

To find out more about becoming a Certified Trainer yourself, click here.


:: Justin ::

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Therap's Big Ideas :: Idea Number 3 – MAPS – Multi-Access Provider System

Previous, I have talked about COIS, our Cross Provider Information Sharing functionality that I believe will revolutionize the developmental disability community.

However, if you are a state like Delaware, Montana, or North Dakota or a multi-state agency like Dungarvin, then you need a different, more hierarchical style of cross-provider access.

Since starting with state-wide access in the First State of Delaware a few years ago we have added more and more of this type of functionality and at Fishkill were able to discuss, brainstorm, and even demonstrate the next generation of what we are calling MAPS (though to be honest I would really like a better name, I just haven’t come up with one – there […]

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Therap's Big Ideas :: Idea Number 2 – COIS – Cross Organizational Information Sharing

Well, the conference is now over (and I hope to have a post reflecting on all the amazing things that went on, but I am still catching up!) and in fact we were back in Fishkill today debriefing.

100202 Fishkill  (445)100202 Fishkill  (444)

One of the coolest things looking back is how right we were with our big ideas, as confirmed by the conference attendees.

COIS (Cross Provider Information Sharing) is a concept that we have been working with and thinking about since Therap started, and infact we have even implemented versions of […]

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Earn your way to the next Therap conference

Wednesday was another tremendous day here in Fishkill!

I introduced a couple of new programs.  These are both designed so that we can use our marketing dollars in ways that will provide educational and training benefits to our customers.

You can check out the details of our Therap Points Program and sign up here.

If you are the kind of person who likes to make your own videos, why not check out our “My Therap Video” contest.

Much much more to come.

:: Justin ::

I may not be Steve Jobs, but…

I have some pretty exciting stuff to reveal to the world on Tuesday morning in Fiskill, New York.

On Friday, we were reviewing four (yes that was four) new or revolutionized features within Therap that we will be releasing during the upcoming year.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about them, they are, I believe real game changers in the future of electronic documentation within the developmental disability community and beyond.

We will (and hence you will) be able to do things that no one has even been able to do before.

The impact on agencies, their staff, and the people that they support will be felt for years to come if I am […]

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Planning your time in Fishkill

We have published the latest version on our schedule for the Provider Admin Conference in Fishkill next week (there’s also a version on a white background to save you some ink!).

There will probably be some last minute changes, so be sure to pick up the final version when you arrive on Monday or Tuesday.

It is absolutely worth taking a few minutes to read through all the sessions and work out what your path will be through the conference.  If you have questions, we’d be happy to sit down and make some suggestions.

You should also think about who you would like to meet with.  Things like “I would like to talk with the […]

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