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Google+ continues to add functionality, including now the ability for companies to have pages.  Being the cool kids that we are, we have one.  You can find it here.

There’s a lot I like about Google+, I think my main issue is that I just don’t have the same number of contacts that I do on Facebook, or Linked-In, or Twitter.

I’ll be keeping an eye on it though, so why not add Therap and me.

You can find links to all the Therap social media pages here.

:: Justin ::

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Google Chrome is getting closer to being my main browser

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Yesterday, Google added bookmark syncing and extensions to its Chrome browser.

I love how quick and simple Chrome is, but the main reason I stick with Firefox is that I can build in a whole bunch of tools that I use regularly (such as ScribeFire which I am using to write this post) right into the browser with Firefox’s massive library of extensions.

I’m looking forward to seeing my favorites come over, and then my journey may be complete!

:: Justin ::

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Google Goggles

This is very cool.  Using my Droid (or another phone running Android) I can take a picture of something and Google will work out what it is and give me lots of information about it.

I already use Shop Savvy which will take a picture of a barcode, identify the product and then give the best local (based on GPS) and web based pricing.

There is often a question of how to I train staff who are covering a shift at a new site.  Imagine if as a new member of staff I could just point my phone at a piece of adaptive equipment and be able to access training materials!

:: Justin ::

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Managing your internet security

One of the questions I am asked most when I am presenting to new or prospective Therap customers is, “How can I control what websites my staff go to?”

There are of course many, many solutions.  We will, of course, be discussing them all at the Provider Administration Conference (ever get the feeling that you should be signing up?)

Some of the solutions include filtering software, managed networks, kiosk software, and suchlike.

The latest thing I have been trying out (I am actually using it at home), is DNS filtering.

The basic idea is this:

  • When you type in a web address, there is a computer out there that figures out which website you want to look at and points you to […]
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