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Those of you who have been keeping an eye on the National Conference Schedule may have noticed our curiously named Day Two Plenary Session.

(This is probably a good time to remind those of you who are presenting to check the schedule and make sure that you can find yourself, you are available, and I have your session correct)

Following on from the success of our Oracle presentation last year we are continuing to bring you information and insight into the technology that makes Therap special.

Sometimes I think that people forget that when they are subscribing to Therap, they are not only getting an amazing application and the […]

Living Life Online with a ChromeBook

Picture of Chromebook showing Therap Website

Over the past few weeks, I have been testing a Chromebook.  It’s basically a laptop/netbook that only runs Google Chrome as a browser.

The question is, could you use a computer that doesn’t allow you to install anything (other than Chrome Apps).

Have you tried one?  Let me know what you think.

The answer for me is, “very nearly!”

Seems to me that this would be a great solution for Therap users (there are all sorts of enterprise controls available).

The only things I have found I really need to install are our Live Help application and there are times when Google Apps just doesn’t quite do enough for me and I need to use Excel.

Other […]

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