More Testimony from Connecticut’s Human Services Committee

My testimony today was followed shortly after wards by this by Stan Soby of Oak Hill.

Testimony before the Human Services Committee
Regarding H. B. No. 5354 (Raised)
An Act to Provide Incentives for Hospitals to Adopt Electronic Health Records.

Good morning, Senator Doyle, Representative Walker and members of the Human Services Committee. I am Stan Soby, Vice President for Community Programs at Oak Hill, a non-profit community provider of services to over 500 people of all ages with developmental and other disabilities, located here in Hartford and in over 90 locations in 58 Connecticut towns.

Thank you for this opportunity to speak in support of H. B. No. 5354 (Raised) An Act to Provide Incentives for Hospitals to Adopt Electronic Health Records. […]

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Keeping up with the times (and HL7)


As you may have have noticed from reading our Customer Support Blog a team of senior Therap developers are at the HL7 Conference in Arizona.

There is some really exciting stuff going on which will not only let you get more from your data in Therap, but also make sure that the data becomes more useful by being able to share it with hospitals and doctors.

Some of the possibilities ahead are really exciting, and while IBM are making very pretty commercials about this stuff, we are just concentrating on getting it done!

There will be a lot of discussion about this stuff at the Provider Admin Conference.  Don’t miss […]

More Exciting News about the 2010 Therap Provider Administrator Conference in Fishkill, NY

Any of you who have been to one of our conference before (or any other conference for that matter) know that often the last day is not all that well attended and tends to peter out pretty early.  That is not going to be the case in February!  We have such a packed agenda that we are going to fill the third day with sessions you will not want to miss.  We should have a fully updated schedule ready for publication in the next week or so, but one of the exciting innovations this year is that the days will each have a theme (see below).  We will still have a wide range of topics going on all three […]

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