All Health Tracking data access to become individual based

When we introduced the MAR and First DataBank drug database, we changed the way that users accessed Medication History to be based around the individual rather than through the program and then the individual.  If you click on “New” under Medication History you will see how this works for Medication History.

In an upcoming release (scheduled for February 2nd) we will be applying this same mechanism to all of Health Tracking as you can see in the screenshots below: (Click on each one to see a bigger version)

Screenshot of Appointment with 'new' field highlighted to create a new form

On clicking “New” in any Health Tracking section you will be […]

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Therap User Presentations :: 1 :: Kristen Thompson on Creating a Shared Health Tracking Record

Splash image of National conference, Feb 8-10, 2011 Fishkill, Newyork

Kristen Thompson on Creating a Shared Health Tracking Record

Kristen Thompson is the Washington County Director, and Therap Provider Administrator for Danville Services of Oregon

Want to share health tracking information created by multiple programs within your […]

Coming Soon :: eCHAT :: Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool

Here’s something else I am really excited about:

What you have here is a quick walkthrough of the new eCHAT or Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool that we have developed in conjunction with the State of New Mexico.

Not only does it provide a thorough and easy to use assessment tool, but it also calculates an overall acuity level and publishes a summary with recommendations for where care plans may be required.

Also, within the assessments are links to resources to help with supports in that area.

Take a look, let me know what you think.

When it is publicly available beyond New Mexico, it will be a premium service.  However we are looking for some beta testers.  Interested?

:: Justin ::

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Creating a report with weights for multiple individuals

Graphics of We use Therap for Quality - Do You? button

A while back I was asked how to create a report listing weights for multiple individuals.  I had to think about it for a while, but when I came up with a solution, I liked it so much I thought I would share!

So, here’s the answer:

If you’ve got any other questions you’d like answered, or you’d like to share some of your own solutions, please let me know

:: Justin ::

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Have you tried linking your follow up appointments in Therap?

When we brought out Therap 8.12, we included a feature that we have been asked for a lot: The ability to see all the follow-up (and the previous) appointments an individual has with a doctor.

Screenshot of Appointments
Not only will this make it easier for scheduling and documenting medical appointments, it’s also going to make it much easier to show surveyors that you completed all the required follow up for any given appointment (and actually find the proof!
:: Justin ::
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