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Respectable at least


Hearts may be out of Europe for this year, but at least the notched their first win of the year and showed a few signs of life.

Tonight’s 2-0 win over Dynamo Zagreb was a great game and in on of the chances that came close had made it 3-0 it would have become very exciting indeed.

Coming back from a 4-0 deficit from the first leg proved to be too much, but at least there is hope for the season ahead.

:: Justin ::

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You just have to love Edinburgh

In the last 24 hours I’ve seen The Stranglers, seen Hearts play at Tynecastle and watch The Edinburgh Jazz Festival Orchestra play music inspired by Robert Burns.

And walking back was surrounded by so much stuff going on that you’d like to see that there is just never time to.

Such is Edinburgh during the festival.  It’s madness but it’s rather a lot of fun.

Hearts vs Sunderland football match
The football was a laugh.  thanks to Scott getting us tickets, we were in the old stand fairly close to the away end packed with supporters who had come up from Sunderland for the final friendly before the season […]

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How will Hearts do in the Europa Cup?

Given that the Mets season was over in July, it must be time for football (real football that is!).  I will actually be at Tynecastle on Saturday with Iona and Calum to watch a pre-season friendly against Sunderland (thanks Scott!), but before that comes the draw for the first ever Europa Cup.

Hearts need to get through one round (by winning over two legs, home and away) to qualify for the lucrative group stages.  This will be much easier to do if they are seeded and hence avoid all the other seeded clubs.

Thanks to Jambos Kickback and the North American Hearts Supporters Club I can offer you this handy cheat sheet on what we want […]

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Wednesday in Edinburgh (Indiana)

After a day of phone calls, webinars, more rain, and meetings in Louisville Kentucky, I headed up to Indiana.

Edinburgh Indiana

Interestingly I arranged to have dinner in Edinburgh which I had seen on highway signs before driving from Indianapolis to Louisville, but never had the chance to stop.

Looks like a great little town, just needs a castle in the middle and really should be home to the famous Heart of Midlothian!

Edinburgh Indiana

:: Justin ::

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Time for the happy recap

It’s been a while since I did a sporting post, so as I watch the Mets move towards a sweep of the Nationals it’s about time.

The football season in Scotland just ended with Hearts finishing in a very respectable 3rd position, thuse qualifying for next year’s Europa Cup.

I have grown to quite like this team, here’s why:

  1. Csaba Laszlo: He is enough to make you love any team.  The new Hearts manager talks so much that not even Richard could interupt him.  His post match interviews usually consist of one or two questions and last about half an hour.  He has also controlled Hearts’ owner in a Joe Torre – George Steinbrenner sort of […]
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More Coach (and fan) Watching

I am going to quickly skip over Saturday’s Hearts-Hibs game (I may have to relive it with Paul, that’s more than enough!).

After that is was off to Plainville High School for the State of Connecticut Class S Swimming Championships Time Trials (quite a mouthfull!).  I am starting to wrap my head around how all this swimming stuff works.  Basically the top 36 high school swimmers for each event compete for 24 places in the finals (to be held at Weslyan on Tuesday).

Calum came in as part of the first ever Wolcott boys swimming team and as a freshman in the 200m Individual Medley and the 100m Backstroke.  While holding his own in the backstroke, […]

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Start 'em young!

Following in the tradition of many other Brockie’s (and countless others afflicted with the addiction that is Heart of Midlothian Football Club), Siraya has now joined in with her own Hearts stip!


I doesn’t get much cuter than that does it?

As a reminder, here are a few more of us in similar attire (though probably not as cute!)

Justin, Iona and Calum.

:: Justin ::

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