BridgeGateHealth’s Clinical Exchange Platform Implemented to Allow for the Transformation and Exchange of Clinical Data from Therap to HIEs

Therap Services, the industry leader in providing electronic records and documentation in long-term care services for people with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities, has partnered with VorroHealth to facilitate the acquisition, transformation, and delivery of patient care data across Therap’s client base.

VorroHealth will implement a clinical exchange platform – BridgeGate Health™ – to allow for the transformation and exchange of clinical data from Therap to Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) throughout the country to facilitate optimized coordinated care.

Therap’s initial connections will include:

  •     Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN) with more than 1,200 participating hospitals, clinics & other health care related facilities.
  •     HealtheLink, the Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) for the eight counties […]
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Looking back on another amazing Therap National Conference

As I am making my way home from the Pacific north-west, it’s quite remarkable to look back and reflect on the progress we’ve made over the years and the exciting things that we talked about this week.

Firstly I want to thank everyone who made the conference such a resounding success, especially my amazing colleagues and our customers who traveled from all over the country to join in some great discussions.

There were a number of  new things that we touched on, showed off, or talked about at the conference that I will get into in much more detail over the coming weeks as we get closer to our 2016.0 release:

Pharmacy Interface

While this won’t be in the 2016.0 release, it should be […]

Therap's Big Ideas :: Idea Number 1 – Health Information Exchanges and Standards Based Communications

As I have written about before, We are involved in the pilot of a Health Information exchange with eHealth Connecticut.

This is the beginning of very cool and very exciting things.  At the same time it is very far from simple.

Think of the following example:

You are traveling out of state and are involved in an accident.  You are rushed to the local emergency room, as you are wheeled in, your doctor is able to retrieve your full medical history and provide you with the optimum treatment.  This is good.

The question is, what needs to happen to make this work?  Does that doctor basically need to have complete free access to every medical record in the country?  In the world?  What […]

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Keeping up with the times (and HL7)


As you may have have noticed from reading our Customer Support Blog a team of senior Therap developers are at the HL7 Conference in Arizona.

There is some really exciting stuff going on which will not only let you get more from your data in Therap, but also make sure that the data becomes more useful by being able to share it with hospitals and doctors.

Some of the possibilities ahead are really exciting, and while IBM are making very pretty commercials about this stuff, we are just concentrating on getting it done!

There will be a lot of discussion about this stuff at the Provider Admin Conference.  Don’t miss […]

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