Therap 2013.0 :: Introducing Multi Individual Events

MIE Dashboard

Ever since we produced our first Incident Report in Therap 1.0 about 10 years ago, we have been asked how we deal with an incident involving multiple individuals.  Up to now, we basically didn’t other than insisting (very strongly sometimes) that a single GER or incident report had to be about just one individual in order to preserve HIPAA compliance and data integrity.

Well, in Therap 2013.0 we are introducing the concept of Multi Individual Events!  The way I look at it, there are basically two scenarios.  The first is a bus crash and the second is an altercation.  In the first, the same thing happened to […]

Making the move to Liveperson for Therap Live Help

HomeAs I have written about before, we have been looking around for the best way to replace our current Live Help system. The one we built a few years ago is showing signs of age and given that we want to give as much priority as we can to system functionality and stability, we decided to take a look out there and see if anyone could meet our needs.

Interestingly, most companies who supply Live Help software just couldn’t cope with our need for HIPAA compliance (which we tend to take a significantly stricter stand on than a lot of folks do).

However, we did find a couple who could and have now made […]

Business Associate Agreements

New Customers of Therap will occasionally ask us to sign the provider’s drafted or created HIPAA Business Associate Agreements or similar documents. These Business Associate Agreements have been developed by attorneys across the United States and the legal language and content does very significantly from provider to provider. Many providers are unaware that the Therap User Agreement does already contain a complete Business Associate Agreement, which has been developed and reviewed and agreed to by hundreds of agencies and states governments. We are unable to negotiate, and revise separate Business Associate Agreements for each provider agency.

Agency Customers and Users of Therap Services sign several agreements with Therap as part of their initial use of Therap. These cover a […]

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Therap becomes a member of HL7

As part of our move towards HIPAA, HITECH, and ARRA compliant interoperability with systems like pharmacies, states, and Health Information Exchanges, Therap is developing HL7 compliant interfaces.

Get in touch, or look out for Health Information Exchange user groups in the future to learn more.

:: Justin ::

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