Therap's Big Ideas :: Idea Number 1 – Health Information Exchanges and Standards Based Communications

As I have written about before, We are involved in the pilot of a Health Information exchange with eHealth Connecticut.

This is the beginning of very cool and very exciting things.  At the same time it is very far from simple.

Think of the following example:

You are traveling out of state and are involved in an accident.  You are rushed to the local emergency room, as you are wheeled in, your doctor is able to retrieve your full medical history and provide you with the optimum treatment.  This is good.

The question is, what needs to happen to make this work?  Does that doctor basically need to have complete free access to every medical record in the country?  In the world?  What […]

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Therap becomes a member of HL7

As part of our move towards HIPAA, HITECH, and ARRA compliant interoperability with systems like pharmacies, states, and Health Information Exchanges, Therap is developing HL7 compliant interfaces.

Get in touch, or look out for Health Information Exchange user groups in the future to learn more.

:: Justin ::

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