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Tuesday in Boise, Idaho

Idaho State Capitol


I spend Tuesday with the fine folks at the Kids DD Case Management program of the State of Idaho.  They have been using Therap for about a year now and have been really great to work with.  We were reviewing what we have been doing and planning for some really exciting features that you are going to see coming out over the next few months as we head towards our National Conference in the Pacific North-West in January.  When you come to Vancouver, you will be able to listen to the present.

What you see coming will be particularly exciting if you are a case manager providing supports to […]

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The Rap :: Episode 3 :: Using Therap

Given that I have just spent the last couple of days with Kitti in beautiful Boise, Idaho, it’s the perfect time to bring you Episode 3 of The Rap.. In this episode you will find Kitti discussing the impact of Therap on people both receiving and providing services.


:: Justin ::

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Welcoming Idaho to the Therap Community

Seal of the State of Idaho

To continue our exciting week, The State of Idaho, Department of Health and Welfare, Division of Family and Community Services has selected Therap as their Developmental Disability Case Management system.

I am particularly excited about this project as Idaho is a state that is fairly new to us in one of my favourite parts of the US.

Kitti, Sazzad, and I will be heading out to Boise in a few weeks to get things rolling.

I bet you’re wondering what tomorrow’s news will be now!

:: Justin ::

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