Some thoughts on what to do after an initial Therap implementation

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It is a big deal getting Therap and running.  It involves the whole agency and almost every aspect of how you provide supports (if you want to be paid for what you did, you'd better document it).

We have become quite skilled at making sure that people do that initial implementation really well including all the enthusiasm and buy in that is required to get up and running.

So there you are, everyones really happy, their using T-Logs, General Event Reports, Secure Communication, and maybe even some Health Tracking.  It's a job well done…

Well… it's a good start!  The big question is what comes next.  I think the answer to that is in […]

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Therap – Shovel ready!

I am not sure what the web based equivalent of a shovel is, but whatever it is, we have lots of them!

One thing that we find a lot when talking to potential Therap users is that they are (understandably I guess) looking around at a lot of software and service providers.  They may even puy out an RFP (Note: if an RFP is absolutely essential, I suggest you take a look at this set of questions).

What happens then is that often the agency will come up against people who will offer to build exactly what they think they want or who will offer to consult on doing so.  The […]

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