Thinking about wording in GERs

As I am sure you all know, words are very important, especially in our corner of the world.

Last year, we even say the updating of ICD-9 to recognise more current thinking.

Now, we are looking at the wording with in the “Restraint Related to Behavior” and “Restraint Other”.  The word “restraint” is quite understandably a very emotive one, bringing with it reminders of a shameful past.  However, it is used in many states to refer to practices that are used appropritely and safely.  

We would like to replace the word restraint and some of the related terms within those sections.  Obviously where we have state forms, those forms will continue to use the state wording.

I hope to present alternative language […]

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Interfacing between Therap and IRMA in New York

Graphic showing Therap Modules and HIPAA Compliant

With 2012.0, Therap released it’s interface between General Event Reports and OPWDD’s IRMA (Incident Report Management Application)

You can read all about how it works here.

It should be noted that although the interface is live now, Therap needs to let the IRMA team know when each customer is ready to submit live data.  Until that is done, all data submitted to IRMA from Therap will be considered test data and deleted nightly.

Remember that to be ready to use the IRMA module, you need to add TABS Program IDs to each program and Individual TABS IDs to your IDF Extension.

If you have any questions or are ready to switch over […]

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Therap Incident Reporting in New Mexico

Graphic showing 'Therap Services in New Mexico'


We are very excited to be working with the State of New Mexico on state-wide implementation of Therap’s General Event Reports to record Significant Events.

We will be going live on January 1st, but there are a lot of training activities going on between now and then.

You can read an announcement from Jennifer Thorne-Lehman, Deputy Director here.

You can also look at the Draft Policy here

I will be doing an introductory webinar on Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 at 11am MDT which you can sign up for here

If you are unable to attend the webinar, we will be posting a recording of it.

There will also training happening regionally in New Mexico […]

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More progress in New Mexico

Video on eCHAT Preview for New Mexico


I spent the last couple of days in New Mexico working with them on the latest updates to the eCHAT (Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool) and the upcoming state-wide implementation of General Event Reports. The next set of updates are going to be very exciting. We’ll have some functionality and data changes based on what we have learned so far and look to be taking advantage of Individual Unification to provide some very cool sharing capabilities.

Based on the work we did, providers in New Mexico should look forward to receiving extra guidance in using the eCHAT, using Health Tracking, and transferring individuals in the next week or so.

It is very exciting […]

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Working Hard in Nebraska

Jeff, Sazzad, and I have spend the last couple of days in Lincoln, Nebraska working on the next phases of our state-wide implementation.

I am getting to like Lincoln more and more each time I come here.  it always seems like such a peaceful city (though I am told it is different on game days).  It’s nice flying here, getting a shuttle to the hotel and then being able to walk to all our meetings as well as being right next to the Haymarket restaurant district.

We are making some gret progress here with Individual Budgeting, annual planning, incident reporting, and more.  There are going to be some really exciting things coming out of Nebraska in the near future, watch this space!

For […]

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Nebraska :: Welcome to the Therapverse

Graphic of Nebraska
I am very excited (and more than a little bit proud) to announce that Nebraska has now joined the Therap group of states.  Along with Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, and New Mexico, Nebraska is going to be implementing Therap on a state wide basis.
This is obviously a very big project, but we’ll be getting off to a flying start by implementing state wide incident reporting with Therap’s General Event Reports over the coming weeks.  Shortly after that we will be working on Individualized Budgets.
If you are a current Therap customer, look for an email from Jeff or give us a call to talk about how this impacts you (and all the […]
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