Coming Soon :: No more Internet Explorer 10

Along with all exciting new features and updates we will be bringing this summer, we continue to work on Therap under the hood both in terms of hardware and software.

In order to meet the latest standards for functionality and security, we need to make sure that you are not using software that is out of date and possibly unsecure or not able to take advantage of the latest tools.

As part of this, over the summer, we will no longer access from Internet Explorer 10.  This is a browser that is no longer supported by Microsoft.  We will continue to support IE 11 and above along with Firefox and Chrome.

You can see our latest requirements here.

If you need to make […]

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Using Therap with old versions of Internet Explorer

Here at Therap we are continually working to bring you new and better features along with a reliable and secure application.  That application is delivered to you via your browser.  In order to give you the best experience, we need to be able to access features that may not have been included in older browsers.

This is particularly the case with Internet Explorer.  Microsoft no longer supports versions of Internet Explorer prior to IE11.  This means that older browsers do not get functionality and security updates.  We will therefore be focusing our development on IE11 and above.

You can read Microsoft’s view here:

We know some of you need to use older browsers for other systems or have other reasons for trying […]

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Finally! Spell Check built into Internet Explorer

IE10 Spell Check

I was in Beatrice, Nebraska today (and even pronouncing it properly) and yet again bemoaning the lack of a built in spell checker in Internet Explorer when it occured to me to check a beta version of IE 10.

Yipee!  Finally after way to many years, Microsoft has seen fit to include spell checking.

So, those of you who are restricted to only using Internet Explorer, be sure to excourage your friendly IT folks to upgrade as soon as they can!

:: Justin ::

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