Manipulating ISP Reports in Excel

I was working with Mary-Beth and the fine folks at Oak Hill on getting their ISP Data Reports just the way they want them.

They have standard prompt levels which are scored 1 through 5.  At the end of the month they like to have an average score for each task and overall.

By putting the full name of the prompt level in the Caption and the number in the acromym/label for the scoring method I was able to do the following thanks to a couple of simple tricks in Excel.

I was also able to use GoToMeeting to very easily record the process for them and help them out with their training.

Do you have examples of how you get data out […]

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Therap 8.12 may well change everything

This weekend we released Therap 8.12.  It has a few cool things (we’ll talk about follow up appointments in particular another day), but the big thing it includes is Billing/ISP linking and validation.  This has been introduced for New York, but all of you will be able to see how incredibly powerful this is.  I’d love to know how you think it could work in your state.

So, here’s the deal in New York:
  • Every individual must have a valid ISP
  • The ISP contains Valued Outcomes
  • Each waiver services must address at least one valued outcome.
  • That service is then listed in a Habilitation Plan (which must be valid) which details how the service will be implemented (an ISP Program in Therap lingo)
  • In order to […]
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New York MSC User Group :: Next Meeting is Tuesday 12/15/2009

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who attended today’s New York MSC User Group, it was a great call with very interesting information shared.  I certainly learned a lot and I am looking forward to seeing what Sazzad comes up with as a result!

As requested, I have set up the next meeting for Tuesday, December 15th at 2pm.  To sign up, please follow this link.

:: Justin ::

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Sazzad's latest suprise: New York Hab Plans in Therap 8.1

I think that Sajjadul dropped himself in hot water by letting slip on a call yesterday that he was testing Hab Plans.  Always wanting to play with new toys and also being very excited about this I begged Sazzad for a look.

Here’s what I saw:

If you are from New York, these will make perfect sense.  If not, then take a look and see if you would find them useful.

Once again, Sazzad and his team have exceeded all expectations!

Hab Plan FirstPage by you.

Starting on FirstPage, you’ll see that Hab Plans have their very own area (and set of roles).  The eagle-eyed […]

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More wonders from Sazzad and his team!

I always love it when Sazzad starts a conversation with something like “We’ve been working on this idea…”.  It always ends up being really cool and really useful.  I am convinced that he now understands the Developmental Disability industry in the US better that an awful lot of so-called experts.

Here’s his latest offering:

A normal ISP Report might look somethign like this (click on the image to see a bigger version in Flickr

Screenshot of a normal ISP report page

All very cool, but lots of numbers and not always easy to interpret.  How about if the report looked like this:

Screenshot of [...]

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Using the ISP Global Template Library

ISPGL by you.

On of the fun things about being a Therap user as well as a Therap employee is sometimes in the middle of doing something you realize just how cool it all is.  I was trying to work out the best way for Michele and me to document Siraya’s sleep (or lack of it) and I just couldn’t come up with something that I was happy with.

Looking for inspiration, I turned to the Global ISP Template Library and was able to scan through other people’s attempts at doing so.  The results were fascinating and I was able though a combination of the things I saw come up […]

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