Having problems getting to Therap?

We are hearing reports from around the country of people having trouble getting to the Therap website.

As far as we can tell at the moment this is nothing to do with the Therap system or datacenter (it is running fine just now, I am logged in, and thousands of others are too)

Sometimes this happens when a particular Internet Service Provider or Secure Internet hub is having a problem.

We are aggressively researching to see if we can pin it down.

More news as I get it

:: Justin ::

3:50pm Eastern

It does seem like most of the people who are having problems getting to Therap are Comcast users.  If you are having problems on Comcast and have an alternate connection, please try that and […]

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What happened to sending SComms to Therap Customer Support?

With the release of Therap 8.9, you will have noticed that when you click  on the button to send a Secure Communications message to Therap Customer Support it takes you directly to the Feedback page.

This is because we now track all support issues through a new application that we have built for ourselves.  We have looked at a number of products out there, but none meet our (and your) requirements for security and integration with Therap.

So, if you do need to send us a message, you can still click on that button, or click on <<Feedback>>, or click on your My Issues link.

:: Justin ::

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