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Picture of Lego Robotics Tournament at Wolcott High School

If you are anywhere near Wolcott, Connecticut tomorrow (and you can find it), you should definitely stop by Wolcott High School and sample the Lego Robotics tournament put on an FIRST Robotics Team MAX 1071.

This year middle school kids are learning about senior living and have built and programmed robots to complete associated tasks as well as putting together presentations and more.

It’s an awesome program.  Here are some of the tasks:


Learn more about the program here.

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The Future is in Good Hands

Today I went (along with a whole bunch of us from Team Max 1071) to help out at a local Lego Robotics competition.

The FIRST Lego League is a feeder competition for middle school kids before they join in the fully fledged First Robotics Competition (which kicks of for real in January)

I was one of the teamwork judges and had to go around and interview 8 teams on topics such as roles and responsibilities, time management, gracious professionalism and more.

While they may have not grasped some of the finer elements of some of these, the fact that they were working towards them and gaining that skill and understanding by working together on […]

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